Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 352-358

Day 352, Sunday, December 19th
Baby Girl loves this stuffed santa from our small group white elephant exchange!  She walks up to it and just shoves him over! Ha! 

Day 353, Monday, December 20th
Hubby is home for the week on vacation and decided to go through some of his memorabilia . . he gave me his I.D. bracelet!  Did anyone else ever have one of these? 

Day 354, Tuesday, December 21st
When mom is at work . . . the boys play!

Day 355, Wednesday, December 22nd
I really wanted to finish out strong, but just had a difficult day and wasn't up for looking for something to take a picture of at the end of it all.

Day 356, Thursday, December 23rd
Another find from Daddy's "old stuff" - his YMCA soccer shirt. 

Day 357, Friday, December 24th
Christmas Eve.  Too many pictures taken . . . loved this one!

Day 358, Saturday, December 25th
Merry Christmas! 
Again, too many pictures taken, too many places to go, too much time in the van, too much materialism . . . so wanted to remind myself what it is really all about!  (This is from a tree we decorate at my parent's - the kiddos put the ornaments on, each one has a scripture verse and represents a name of Jesus).


The Bug said...

I love the idea of Baby Girl shoving the santa over - too cute!

sara said...

Merry Christmas!!! I have to say that seeing yours, Lori's and tori's pictures have made me a bit homesick over the year...but I am so glad ya'll joined me for P365!!!

Happy New Year!!!

RaD said...

Love the first picture, so sweet!

How fun getting all of hubby's old things.

We did our best to keep the commercialism outta Christmas but we failed miserably too, so don't feel bad.

Christine said...

I have loved getting a glimpse into your family this year! Thank you for sticking with it. I hope this week brings an extra dose of peace as you prepare for the new year. Blessings to you and yours, friend!

Tori said...

Oh the I.D. bracelet! Too fun and seeing it say Danny. Dan will have to excuse me if I giggle when I see him. :)
Love N with the Santa. She looks so cute!!
What a great tree at your parent's house. Love it!!
Have a Happy New Year!!!

Kim said...

(Am having trouble with internet this morning so this is attempt #3 to leave a comment -- hoping it works!)

Too bad Santa isn't one of those figures that bounce back up -- wonder what Baby Girl would think of that?! LOL

Love the idea for a tree your parents do with ornaments representing Scripture. Have to keep that in mind for next year!

Enjoyed all the photos this week :)

Have a very Happy New Year!

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