Friday, September 19, 2008


This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband Dan! (He came up with the title)
Today, he took the day off to take our older two boys fishing. Last night was filled with preparation. He had to hook the boat and trailer up to the truck, makes sure the trailer lights worked,mix gas/oil for the motor, put line on the fishing poles, load poles, life jackets, tackle boxes . . . you get the idea.
He woke Jake & Luke up early and they all headed out. Once in the truck, he asked if they were all buckled and Luke says "Aren't we just going to the pond?" (Papa's pond right behind our house for those who don't know - a 2 min walk!)
At around 1:30pm they come home. Jake was the only one who caught a very small fish during the 3 HOURS they were fishing!
After dinner Micah wanted to go fishing with Daddy too! Dan took Micah out to Papa's pond. After both of them catching fish Micah came in and then Dan caught the fish below!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unanswered Prayer

Micah recently told me that God had not answered his prayer.

"What did you pray for Micah?"

"I prayed that God would give me "The Force" and he didn't!"

I was not prepared for that one!

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