Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 233-239

Day 233, Sunday, August 22nd
Well, no picture again . . . Baby Girl was not feeling well all weekend :(. 

Day 234, Monday, August 23rd
This is a common site now - J doing homework!  Notice the ice pack on his legs for his shins.  He is participating in cross-country along with adjusting to school - busy boy!

Day 235, Tuesday, August 24th
Baby Girl "helping" M empty the dishwasher. 

Day 236, Wednesday, August 25th
We had a visitor for the afternoon - my best friend's daughter!  I'm excited that these two are going to be growing up together! 

Day 237, Thursday, August 26th
Baby Girl was finally feeling good enough to get out of the house!  And boy, was it needed!  What a gorgeous day to enjoy the park!

Sometimes, they are so cooperative - look at them posing for this pic!

She loves the swing!

One blessing that has come out of J being at school, L and M's relationship has really blossomed!  I love watching them play together!

Ending the day with Karate dodge-ball!

Day 238, Friday, August 27th
The garden has been full of butterflies this week!  The boys have spent a few afternoons out catching them - here is my catch!

Day 239, Saturday, August 28th
See - sometimes they can be so uncooperative!  It sure was nice having J home all day today!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 226-232

Day 226, Sunday, August 15th
Again, didn't realize I didn't have a picture till I went to post!!  Maybe I was still recovering from the Pulsefest?  I was going to post more on that too . . . maybe this week . . .

Day 227, Monday, August 16th
Sorry for the bad picture, but the camera didn't focus well and then the batteries went dead!  So, this is the only one I had.  We had bought this chair for M's 1st birthday and brought it downstairs because we thought Baby Girl might enjoy it - apparently, so does Toby!

Day 228, Tuesday, August 17th
Big changes are happening in our house this year - after much prayer and discussion, J is going back to public school - he is going into 7th grade - Jr. High!  (Prayers appreciated)  That means time for a  haircut!  Isn't he a cutie?! 

Day 229, Wednesday, August 18th
J's first day of school - and I didn't take a picture!  Shame on me!  We did pass some of the time without him playing with Baby Girl's new toy from her Aunt C.  It is about time she learned how to apply lipstick and start wearing some bling, isn't it?!  Thanks Aunt C!

Day 230, Thursday, August 19th
What better than an outing with your cousin and having your own special place to sit?!

Day 231, Friday, August 20th
Toby in the chair, again, and Baby Girl trying to figure out how she is going to get in!  She loves climbing in and out of it, sitting in it with a book and getting in trouble for standing in it, but he just wants to nap!

Oh, yeah, and a night out with the hubby to celebrate my birthday!  All I need to say is "Yummy"!

Day 232, Saturday, August 21st
M's books all ready for 1st grade.  We usually don't start until after Labor Day, but with J already in school, we are ready to get going!  Not only was I getting him ready for a new experience this week, but also getting everything ready for M and L!  We start on Monday!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 219-225

Day 219, Sunday, August 8th
Hubby and J went on their father-son trip today, so we had some game time tonight!  This game is called "Draw What?"  This is a big, dancing snail!  Good job L!

Day 220, Monday, August 9th
Someone got a Barnes and Noble gift card for their birthday (no, not me, but my birthday is coming up, hint-hint) and wanted to get some Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Baby Girl just loved the kid sized chairs!

Day 221, Tuesday, August 10th
We have been having some very warm, humid weather for Indiana lately.  The worst is working next to a 525 degree oven, with very little air flow, in the heat!

Day 222, Wednesday, August 11th
I didn't realize until I went to blog, that I didn't take a picture today - hmm . . . I can't even remember what we did!

Day 223, Thursday, August 12th
L and I went with friends to a waterpark!  When it is this warm out this is about the only enjoyable way to spend the day!  We had a great time and if I must say so, she and I kept up with the boys pretty well (so great that they still want us too!).

Day 224, Friday, August 13th
Again, no picture!  But this time I left the camera back at my mom's (for those of you who know I live right in front of her, know this is a really lame excuse!).

Day 225, Saturday, August 14th
World Pulse Festival!  Our first time going - I think we all really enjoyed it and will sleep good tonight!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

10th Birthday Party - Revisited

For L's 10th birthday he wanted an Army party with a sleepover.  I realized that we usually go all out for his birthday, esp. compared to the others.  I was trying to figure out why and I think it is because he is very particular!  He knows exactly want he wants and rarely asks for much, so it really shows when it is birthday time. 

You have to look tough if you're a soldier! (Thanks Papa for the army gear)

We had an obstacle course:  climb up the slide and swing . . .

over the infant pool (hey, you use what you have!) . . .

drag the bag to the treehouse . . .

hook it on the pulley . . .

go up the treehouse and pull up the bag . . .

crawl through the tubes . . .

around the tree . . .

through the ropes . . .

and to the tetherball!

Even Nana and Aunt T dressed up for the party! (with 3 brothers, I'll have to get Baby Girl some camo!)

No cake for L - just Jello entrenched with Army men!

A campfire and smores to finish out the night!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

4-H Dog Club Showmanship

Here is the video of J and Toby for the showmanship portion of judging.  This was the first year for both of them.  The obedience was more for Toby and J was judged on the showmanship.  They both did a great job and received 191 out of 200 for showmanship.  Notice, the rapid wagging of the tail when the judge approached! 

Fair - Revisited

Come to the Elkhart County-4-H-Fair!

On our first visit, we saw the Elephant Encounter,

dressed up as a bee-keeper,

 and watched J and Toby in the obedience judging for dog club.

Notice, we are the only ones with a Jack Russell terrier . . . do you know why no one else enters a Jack Russell terrier?

This is why!

On our second visit, we rode the ferris wheel - what a view on a beautiful day!

Took a break with a sno-cone,

went in the fun house,

watched the chicken flying contest (can you spot the chicken and the fair queen trying to catch it?),

and J and Toby competed in Showmanship for dog club. 

Day 212-218

I don't know about you, but this week was a rough one!  I found myself looking for something to take a picture of at the end of the day.  Needless to say, most of the pics are of things and not people.  Oh well, I guess some weeks are like that.  Here's hoping I am a little more on the ball next week!

Day 212, Sunday, August 1st
Yeah, Toby, this is about all I want to do to!  Maybe there is something to the saying "the dog days of summer"!

Day 213, Monday, August 2nd
Went to dinner with some high school friends - It was great to see everyone and to catch up!

Day 214, Tuesday, August 3rd
It took me all day to can these beans!  Between feeding kids, a teething 1 year old and the prep work - only one more batch to go!

Day 215, Wednesday, August 4th
My freebie with my B&B Organic fruit box this week! 

Day 216, Thursday, August 5th
I went to pick up our Math-U-See books for the upcoming school year. (See, I warned you there were some lame pics!).

Day 217, Friday, August 6th
Remember the kids triathalon M and L participated in?  M just rec'd his trophy for his 5th place finish!  (Apparently the times were not completely accurate after the race and it took some sorting out).

Day 218, Saturday, August 7th
Speaking of triathalons . . . here is my dear hubby completing his!  This one was nice and close so we were able to go and watch most of it.  He got first in his age group - way to go Babe!  I love L in the corner cheering him on!

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