Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 226-232

Day 226, Sunday, August 15th
Again, didn't realize I didn't have a picture till I went to post!!  Maybe I was still recovering from the Pulsefest?  I was going to post more on that too . . . maybe this week . . .

Day 227, Monday, August 16th
Sorry for the bad picture, but the camera didn't focus well and then the batteries went dead!  So, this is the only one I had.  We had bought this chair for M's 1st birthday and brought it downstairs because we thought Baby Girl might enjoy it - apparently, so does Toby!

Day 228, Tuesday, August 17th
Big changes are happening in our house this year - after much prayer and discussion, J is going back to public school - he is going into 7th grade - Jr. High!  (Prayers appreciated)  That means time for a  haircut!  Isn't he a cutie?! 

Day 229, Wednesday, August 18th
J's first day of school - and I didn't take a picture!  Shame on me!  We did pass some of the time without him playing with Baby Girl's new toy from her Aunt C.  It is about time she learned how to apply lipstick and start wearing some bling, isn't it?!  Thanks Aunt C!

Day 230, Thursday, August 19th
What better than an outing with your cousin and having your own special place to sit?!

Day 231, Friday, August 20th
Toby in the chair, again, and Baby Girl trying to figure out how she is going to get in!  She loves climbing in and out of it, sitting in it with a book and getting in trouble for standing in it, but he just wants to nap!

Oh, yeah, and a night out with the hubby to celebrate my birthday!  All I need to say is "Yummy"!

Day 232, Saturday, August 21st
M's books all ready for 1st grade.  We usually don't start until after Labor Day, but with J already in school, we are ready to get going!  Not only was I getting him ready for a new experience this week, but also getting everything ready for M and L!  We start on Monday!


Khara said...

Looks like an action packed week! Baby Girl is hands-down one of THE most adorable babies ever, and the pup is pretty cute too! And those books look so yummy!!!! I have a huge soft spot for A. A. Milne. I don't think my kids have even half of the appreciation for his work right now that they someday will. It really takes an adult to fully understand the humor and sweetness.

Tori said...

J's hair looks great!! How did it go this week?
I think Toby is going to give N a run for that chair!
M and S look really comfy in their special seats!
Where is the restaurant that you went to? I have never heard of it. Glad you had a nice evening for your special day!
Have a great week!!

sara said...

I am thinking you are going to have to get Toby his own chair!!!

Happy that a new restaurant in the area? Never heard of it.

Dena said...

When I first saw the picture of the chair I didn't notice the furniture in the back, so I thought it was a full-sized chair. My first thought was "Wow..that's a big dog." LOL

Love your sons haircut. I pray he is loving his new school!

Never too early for lipstick and bling!

The Bug said...

Baby Girl is such a cutie. Wonder how long it will take before she figures out how to make the dog get out of HER chair? Heh.

Christine said...

What an extra special week, Rita. Time moves too quickly, but each new season brings such wonderful new things! God is good to give such an abundance. I hope J's week was great and much thought and prayers as you start school this week. M was at my table in church this morning. I enjoy his strong yet quiet presence. God is raising up some amazing people in your home!
Happy birthday, again, friend!

skoots1mom said...

adorable children...and puppy!

Kim said...

Once Baby Girl figures out how to dislodge Toby from her chair, there's no stopping her. lol

Hard to believe it's time for school already! Glad the kiddos are excited :)

Have a great week!

Rita said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! And the rest. is a newer one in Bremen. We had gotten one of those 1/2 price gift cert., but it was very reasonable and I have already picked out what I will have next time!

Alana said...

Glad she like her present!

Aaron and Emily said...

What a week for you! Hard to believe J is getting so grown up! We're praying for you as you all start this year and hope its a great year for all of you. I'm sure this year for J will spark some interesting discussions!
Missed hanging out with you guys...its definitely been too long. But hoping baby girl gets better.
Happy Birthday, friend!!

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