Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day to Remember

Thanks to all who gave and those who continue to give . . .

Thanks for the last 13 years, babe!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two River's Meet Race

We started our Memorial Day Weekend of with a race this year!  All of the boys competed - D in the 15k, J in the 5k and L and M in the Fun Run!  They all did very well and had fun too!
M and L getting ready to run!

M with his "fast" hairdo - a faux-hawk! 
And they are off!

Here is M coming across the finish - he did so good!  He has had a sore ankle, so I was so proud he kept running and didn't quit!

Two winners!  L came in fifth overall for the Fun Run!

J resting after his 5k - he had a personal record of 28:54!

D crossing the finish line (the clock on the right is for the 5k, the one on the left was his time 1:01:30!)

D and J got some race bling!!  D placed first in his age group and J was 3rd in his.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 143-149

Day 143, Sunday May 23rd
W were watching the son of some friends us for the weekend.  He is such a good friend to L.  I love that!

Day 144, Monday, May 24th
L had an orthodontist appt.  No work to be done yet, we'll have to wait 6 months and see . . . so why not grab some DQ?!

Day 145, Tuesday, May 25th
Dodge Ball day at the park with our homeschool group.  Wrapping the year up!

Day 146, Wednesday, May 26th
Baby Girl is on the move!  This week she has gone from just being able to sit up from a laying down position to crawling all over the place!  We can no longer put her down in one place and expect her to stay there!  That also means she is learning "No" and "Not for you"!  She looks at the forbidden object and will shake her head "no", like she is reminding herself that she shouldn't touch it - and usually tries again!

Day 147, Thursday, May 27th
Learning new forms at Karate.  The boys have been doing very well lately.  L especially has been really motivated and focused during class.

Day 148, Friday, May 28th
Poppy's from Mom's flower bed.  I love their color and size.  I can see them out my back door!

Day 149, Saturday, May 29th
Took this one while the boys were resting after running in a race today.  Thought it was a great photo-op!  Have a wonderful weekend and remember!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 136-142

Day 136, Sunday, May 16th
Baby Girl at our small group cook-out!  She loves being outside, especially if there is food involved! 

Day 137, Monday, May 17th
My Aunt Mary and Bobby were in town for a visit.  Aunt Mary and Bobby were here last year at this time; I was pregnant and my sister had just found out she was expecting too!  I remember her husband asking how it was to be pregnant by myself (with each of my pregnancies one of my sister's has been pregnant with me) and hinting that it was no longer true!  How much changes in a year!

Day 138, Tuesday, May 18th
What better to do on a rainy day than watch a movie.  This one - Veggie Tales, Lord of the Beans!  Ha!  You can always count on Veggie Tales for a good spoof!

Day 139, Wednesday, May 19th
The sun is back out!  And it's that time of year again - to hang out the clothes!  There is just something about hanging clothes out on the line - very theraputic!

Day 139, Thursday, May 20th
I guess it's phone book time of year again too!  This is our second one this week - with a little present to go with it! 

Day 140, Friday, May 21th
We've had this little visitor in our yard the last few days.  Isn't he cute?!

I call him "Toby's tormentor"!  He sits outside our backdoor and drives our dog nuts! 

Day 142, Saturday, May 22nd
The view across the street tonight!

Friday, May 21, 2010

There is a Fountain Filled with Blood

Just wanted to share our hymn for the month of May!  What a joy to see my boys singing along!  And yes, youtube can be very helpful when mom doesn't know the tune (or sound near as good as this lady)!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Saying Good-bye

This Sunday was our last small group for this year.  It was also the last small group (with this group) for our family.  After much prayer and discussion, and with sadness, yet excitement, we have decided to host a new group in our home this upcoming year.  How very bittersweet.  We have been meeting with this group since M was little, just over 5 years!  We have formed wonderful friendships, been challenged, grown and have watched others grow spiritually, witnessed miracles, welcomed new members (babies and adults!) and even said good-bye to others.  This has definitely been a small group for our entire family.   

We had a great time eating, hanging out and playing some games!  And we missed those of you who couldn't make it!

Playing some "Minute to Win It" games:

Monday's Mason

Vol.4, Chapter XVII
"As a matter of fact, it is easier to do the definite work of school or profession than the easily evaded, indefinite work which belongs to the home daughter."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 129-135

Day 129, Sunday, May 9th
Happy Mother's Day!  We dedicated Baby Girl at church today!  This is something that our church does every Mother's Day.  It is really a public announcement that we are going to do our best to raise up our child to follow Jesus and the church is going to take part in that also.  Not only was this special because it was on Mother's Day, but Baby Girl was dedicated with her cousin (my sister's son - next to us)!  I don't have a pic with him facing out, but there is a close-up coming.  What a special time for our family. 

Now, I know you're looking at my pictures and thinking "what an adorable outfit"!  Well, that outfit was worn by each of my sister's first daughters on their dedications (one seen in picture above) about 6 and 13 years ago!   

Day 130, Monday, May 10th
My nephew (mentioned above) came over to visit.

And can you guess what we got?!

Day 132, Wednesday, May 12th
Me and my Baby Girl on her 10 month b-day!  Thanks L for taking this picture!  (And yes, I picked one that was better of me than of her, hey, she got a whole post with good pics!)

Day 134, Friday, May 14th
We visit the Midwest Museum of American Art right here in Elkhart!  Grandpa and all the kiddos.  They have a large collection of Norman Rockwell and a special exhibit that uses light and mirrors that the boys really liked. 

The building is an old bank - here we are in the vault!  No money, but a very nice coin collection! 

Day 135, Saturday, May 15th
L at work.  He wants to make some extra money, so his project is to clean out our back porch (where we keep wood all winter long).  This is his second day on the job.  I think he'll have a few more!   I want him to exert some real effort so he can gain a better understanding of hard work and the reward that will come from a job well done (at least, I hope it will be well done!).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Girl is 10 months old!

Well, it's official - she's growing up right before my eyes!  I know I say this each time, but I can't believe I'm posting another month!  She has gotten in her first 2 teeth, is almost crawling and is more animated every day!  We are starting to see some more personality and a little bit of attitude!  It's so much fun seeing who she is going to be.  And I think I might have enough hair for a small clip?!

She can't quite crawl, but likes to "ride" even though the only direction she can go by herself is backwards!

Here is some of that attitude I was talking about - I love it!  And you can see her cute little teeth!

I think Toby is more interested in her toys than in her!  See how well they play together?!

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