Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 136-142

Day 136, Sunday, May 16th
Baby Girl at our small group cook-out!  She loves being outside, especially if there is food involved! 

Day 137, Monday, May 17th
My Aunt Mary and Bobby were in town for a visit.  Aunt Mary and Bobby were here last year at this time; I was pregnant and my sister had just found out she was expecting too!  I remember her husband asking how it was to be pregnant by myself (with each of my pregnancies one of my sister's has been pregnant with me) and hinting that it was no longer true!  How much changes in a year!

Day 138, Tuesday, May 18th
What better to do on a rainy day than watch a movie.  This one - Veggie Tales, Lord of the Beans!  Ha!  You can always count on Veggie Tales for a good spoof!

Day 139, Wednesday, May 19th
The sun is back out!  And it's that time of year again - to hang out the clothes!  There is just something about hanging clothes out on the line - very theraputic!

Day 139, Thursday, May 20th
I guess it's phone book time of year again too!  This is our second one this week - with a little present to go with it! 

Day 140, Friday, May 21th
We've had this little visitor in our yard the last few days.  Isn't he cute?!

I call him "Toby's tormentor"!  He sits outside our backdoor and drives our dog nuts! 

Day 142, Saturday, May 22nd
The view across the street tonight!


Shannon said...

Lord of the Beans is the Best!!! I laugh so hard when that little elf comes out of the tree and offers the sporks cookies.

Dena said...

I miss watching Veggie Tales with my kids. Those movies were great!

We have lots of allergies in our family so no hanging clothes out on the line for us or they'd all be miserable. I do miss crawling into bed and smelling that awesome fresh smell on the sheets.

sara said...

ok, therapeutic is not the word I would use for hanging out clothes! ha!

Is that a slug on your phonebook? looks gross whatever it is!!

yes, that bunny is so cute....until it gets in your garden! :)

aaahh, that last picture is one view I do miss!

great week!

Ladynred said...

The baby is so adorable and cute bunny.

McCrakensx4 said...

We have gotten a lot of phone books lately too...does anyone even use them anymore!?? And love the night pic from across the street!! We have lots of bunnies around us too!!

Tori said...

That picture of N outside is adorable!
I LOVE the clothes on the line picture. The color makes it so fun.
Love me some good Veggie Tales! There songs are how I remember some things. :)
Have a super week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Sweet baby pics.

Haven't seen Lord of the Beans yet. Been wanting to...because I love the title! Ha!

Very cute bunny.

That last picture is so haunting. But in a beautiful, wonderful way.

Thanks for sharing!!!

sanjeet said...

The baby is so adorable and cute bunny.
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