Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two River's Meet Race

We started our Memorial Day Weekend of with a race this year!  All of the boys competed - D in the 15k, J in the 5k and L and M in the Fun Run!  They all did very well and had fun too!
M and L getting ready to run!

M with his "fast" hairdo - a faux-hawk! 
And they are off!

Here is M coming across the finish - he did so good!  He has had a sore ankle, so I was so proud he kept running and didn't quit!

Two winners!  L came in fifth overall for the Fun Run!

J resting after his 5k - he had a personal record of 28:54!

D crossing the finish line (the clock on the right is for the 5k, the one on the left was his time 1:01:30!)

D and J got some race bling!!  D placed first in his age group and J was 3rd in his.


Tori said...

What a great job all of your boys did!! I love M's fast hair...that's the best!! Maybe if Dan's was longer he could try that next time to be even faster! :)

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