Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 129-135

Day 129, Sunday, May 9th
Happy Mother's Day!  We dedicated Baby Girl at church today!  This is something that our church does every Mother's Day.  It is really a public announcement that we are going to do our best to raise up our child to follow Jesus and the church is going to take part in that also.  Not only was this special because it was on Mother's Day, but Baby Girl was dedicated with her cousin (my sister's son - next to us)!  I don't have a pic with him facing out, but there is a close-up coming.  What a special time for our family. 

Now, I know you're looking at my pictures and thinking "what an adorable outfit"!  Well, that outfit was worn by each of my sister's first daughters on their dedications (one seen in picture above) about 6 and 13 years ago!   

Day 130, Monday, May 10th
My nephew (mentioned above) came over to visit.

And can you guess what we got?!

Day 132, Wednesday, May 12th
Me and my Baby Girl on her 10 month b-day!  Thanks L for taking this picture!  (And yes, I picked one that was better of me than of her, hey, she got a whole post with good pics!)

Day 134, Friday, May 14th
We visit the Midwest Museum of American Art right here in Elkhart!  Grandpa and all the kiddos.  They have a large collection of Norman Rockwell and a special exhibit that uses light and mirrors that the boys really liked. 

The building is an old bank - here we are in the vault!  No money, but a very nice coin collection! 

Day 135, Saturday, May 15th
L at work.  He wants to make some extra money, so his project is to clean out our back porch (where we keep wood all winter long).  This is his second day on the job.  I think he'll have a few more!   I want him to exert some real effort so he can gain a better understanding of hard work and the reward that will come from a job well done (at least, I hope it will be well done!).


sara said...

I love baby dedication day!!!

yea for trampolines!!!!

what a great week!!

Dena said...

That is a beautiful little outfit made even more beautiful by the special ties it has with it.

Our kids are almost all grown and they STILL love jumping on the trampoline. :)

That's awesome you are teaching your children about responsibilities and hard work.

Tori said...

I love that dedication is on Mother's Day! Seems like just yesterday we were doing it!
Trampolines are so fun....until my bladder decides otherwise! :)
Good for L doing some hardwork.
Have a super week!!

Ladynred said...

What a special thing to do on Mother's day. the babies are so adorable.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Don't think I've been here for a visit before???

Wonderful pictures!

Have a great week.


Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Love the baby bonnet. Awww...

My kids would be drooling over your trampoline...We just make sure to make FRIENDS with people who have one. :)

Your nephew is a cutie pie.

Fun museum stuff!

What a great lesson to teach your son--working hard like that!! I think that's great!

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