Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 122-128

A few photos from a very fun and full week.
Day 122, Sunday, May 2nd

Day 123, Monday, May 3rd

Day 124, Tuesday, May 4th

Day 125, Wednesday, May 5th

Day 127, Friday, May 7th

Day 128, Saturday, May 8th


Tori said...

First the dog in the bouncy seat, now with the computer. All I can say is always where the action is!
Great picture from the art show, I am guessing.
Love all of your floral shots this week!!

McCrakensx4 said...

I love the American tribute painting...I taught my kinders all of those symbols but that is a great idea! Love all of the beautiful flowers!

sara said...

rita what are those white flowers in Monday's picture? they are beautiful!!!

Rita said...

Sara, those are Lily of the valley. They spread on their own and they smell wonderful!

Kim said...

Lovely, lovely flowers!
Such a sweet photo: holding hands :-)
Beautiful artwork!
Have a great week :-)

Christine said...

I spy a shirt from the sharpie party -- certainly must be a treasure! I love all your floral pictures too. I've always loved Lily of the Valley and what are the purple flowers? I've always admired those. Great pictures this week, Rita. Looks like you had a sweet week.
Oh, and I'm so bummed I didn't get to see baby girl with her sweet dedication outfit on (I heard about it, though!). I'm looking forward to seeing pictures next week!

Rita said...

Christine, the purple flowers are allium (from the onion family!) and they are a fav of mine!
You can check out the River Valley FB for a pic of Baby Girl too!

rita said...

You got the BEST lily of the valley photo!
Great photos all!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Wednesday--what ARE those fabulous purple puffs?!
Saturday--looks strangely familiar...

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