Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's Mason

Bear with me, this is a long one!  I thought it well worth all the typing!

Vol. 4, Chapter XVII
"Bargains. - There is another failure in integrity which people do not realise to be as debasing as debt, though probably its effects are as bad; and that is the bargain-hunting in which even right-minded persons allow themselves.
     It arises from an error in thought.  People set out with the idea that they must get the best that is to be had at the lowest possible price; and out of this idea arise the unseemly scramble to be seen at 'Sales'; the waste of time, temper, and health in going from shop to shop in search of the 'cheapest and best' article; the dishonest waste of the time of the assistants in all these shops - a waste for which, of course, the customers pay in the end:  and to these is often added the fretful disappointment of a 'Purple Jar'; a fine and showy thing is brought home which fails to bear the tests of examination and calm judgement.  The whole thing might be set right, and the ways of trade mended, by the exercise of clear judgement informed by integrity of purpose.
     What we want is - not the best thing that can be had at the lowest possible price - but a thing suitable for our purpose, at a price which we can afford to pay and know to be just.  (Italics added)
      Looked at from this pint of view, the whole matter is simplified; we are no longer perpetually running round, harassing ourselves and wearing out other people in search after bargains.  Every purchase becomes a simple, straightforward duty.  We feel it to be a matter of integrity to deal with tradesmen of our own neighborhood, so far as they can supply us.  If they fail to do so, we are at liberty to go further afield; but in this case, we soon fix upon  the distant tradesman who can supply our needs, and escape the snare of bargain-hunting.
      There is a further risk in bargain-hunting in which we should be aware.  Nothing is cheap that we do not want; and the temptation to buy a thing for which no need has yet arisen, because it is a bargain, leads to a waste of money wanted for other uses, and to the accumulation of meaningless objects in our rooms.  It is worth while to remember that space is the most precious and also the most pleasing thing in a house or room; and that even a small room becomes spacious if it is not crowded with useless objects."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 108-114

Day 108
Sunday, April 18th
Baby Girl now has two teeth!  Her first one came in Saturday night and the second on Wednesday.  They were hard to see at first, but she kept feeling them with her tongue.

Day 109
Monday, April 19th
Yummy muffins made from carrot pulp left over from juicing.

Day 110
Tuesday, April 20th

Day 111
Wednesday, April 21st
Baby girl found a new toy at Nana's.  She thought she was big stuff sitting in a chair!

Day 112
Thursday, April 22
Papa on his tractor. 

Day 113
Friday, April 23rd

Day 114
Saturday, April 24th
The boys sold some stuff at the resale store today.  So they can buy more Legos?!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just passing this on . . .

One blog I visit frequently had some info about Food, Inc. airing on PBS this week.  I've heard about this documentary from a number of sources and wanted to pass the info on!  What I love about PBS, is there are multiple chances to view!  Let me know what you think if you get a chance to watch it!  Check out the post for more info!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sharpie Party - Revisited

After my Project 365 post, I had some comments about our Sharpie party for Karate.  Hopefully, this will fill in some details!  At Karate there is a game they play called knife fight.  Yeah, I know, sounds great, but the boys love it!  Your hands are your "knives" the goal is to not to get hit.  Once hit, you either are out or lose an appendage depending on which version you are playing. 

The Sharpie party was an extension of that game with Sharpie's as the "knives" and t-shirts to prove a hit!  (Caution:  Sharpie's will "spray" if shook - that is why everyone is outside!)  Everyone brought a Sharpie or two.  They played as individuals, teams, partner's and even ran the Sharpie gauntlet.  Sometimes they were only allowed one Sharpie and sometimes two.

Not only did they playing a game they love, they have the shirts to prove it!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's Mason

Vol. 4, Chapter VIII
The Ordering of Our Thoughts 
"To know that we must order our thoughts; that we can do so; and how and when to interfere with the career of these same thoughts, is not the whole, but, I believe, it is half, the battle."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 101-107

Day 101
Sunday, April 11th
Spring is here and with it comes lots to do!  Time for fishing with Dad on a Sunday afternoon.

Day 102
Monday, April 12th
Today we went back to mom's to start our seedlings for our garden! 

Day 103
Tuesday, April 13th
So sad, all I took a picture of was ice cream I didn't have time to eat it at work, but savored when I got home!

Day 104
Wednesday, April 14th
Picture Study:  We are studying Claude Monet this term and I think Toby really likes this one!

Day 105
Thursday, April 15th
Baby Girl is finding her own sleep style (well, that plus teething made for an interesting nap time).  Usually, I lay her down, cover her up with her afgan which she proceeds to pull over her head and fuss for about 1 minute and then is out for a good hour or two.  I had already turned her back over once because she was stuck and mad!  I'm not sure if she even slept for 45 min.   

Karate Sharpie Party!  J and L have been looking forward to this for a long time!  Here is most of the group . . .

in action . . .

"did I really get tagged"?!
Day 106
Friday, April 16th
Me, Baby Girl and my nephew.  They are 5 months apart and all she wanted to do was poke him in the eyes!  Terrible picture of me, but I chose not to be vain and crop myself out!  Hopefully, I don't regret that someday.

up until today, J was the only one who had found a 4-leaf clover.  M found his first . . .

and L found two in one day! 

Day 107
Saturday, April 17th
Wakarusa Maple Syrup Festival!  Pancakes, Martin's sausage and maple syrup - all you can eat!  I think is was worth the wait! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

9 months old!

How quickly the months fly by!  It seems as if I was just posting Baby Girl's 6 month picture . . .
She is growing so much and learning so quickly.  She isn't crawling yet, but is moving in that direction (actually, backward when she tries).  She can sign "all done" and "more", we are still working on "please".
She is starting to copy things we do (putting a toy on top of another one) and likes to play ball.  She has yet to get her first two teeth in, but I can feel them!  We are working into 3 meals a day plus a nursing at night.  She doesn't care for baby food at all - she would rather have some mashed avacado and applesauce!  We also took her on her first trip to NC to visit Aunt C and family.  She still is sleeping wonderfully and continues to be a joy to all of us!

Monday's Mason

Vol. 4, Chapter XX, Part IV
Vocation, Preparation:
"All callings have one thing in common - they are of use; a person may prepare for his calling years before he knows what it is."  " . . . boys and girls who would be ready for their chances in life must have well-trained, active bodies; alert, intelligent, and well-informed minds; and generous hearts, ready to dare and do all for any who may need their help.  It is such persons as these the world wants, persons who have worked over every acre of that vast estate fo theirs which we have called Mansoul; men and women ordered in nerve and trained in muscle, self-controlled and capable; with well-stored imagination, well-practised reason; loving, just, and true."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 97-100

Wow! I've hit the 100 mark!  Ok . . . almost . . . I have missed a few days here and there.  This week was full of trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation and just enjoying being at home. 

Day 97
Wednesday, April 7th
Toby was wore out after staying with some friends while we were in NC.  I think he slept for 2 days straight!  Very unusual for this dog!

Day 98
Thursday, April 8th
M and I playing HISS!

Day 99
Friday, April 9th
M calls this Fort "B" and it survived the winter!

Bathtime!  We recently replaced our hot water heater, so this is an appealing option now (Yeah, it was that bad!).  I love the goggles for a bath!

Day 100!
Saturday, April 10th
Baby Girl has found a new toy!  And I am finally caught up on laundry!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 95

Monday, April 5th
Time to go home . . . thanks for having us all!  We had a wonderful visit!

and what is better to be stuck in traffic next to than a trailer full of pigs!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 94

Easter Sunday, April 4th  

The cousins all having some Easter fun!

And since, Baby Girl was sleeping during the above photo, she gets her own!

And my lovely sister!  Isn't this a great picture of her?! 

Me and my brave (for driving me and 4 kids 12 hours away) husband!  Thanks babe!

Day 93

Saturday, April 3

What a busy, but fun day!  We made Easter baskets . . .

glue hands (a new experience for my boys) . . .

did some hiking and picture taking (maybe just a little too much!) . . .

and D came in 1st for his age group at the "Bunny Run"!

Day 92

Friday, April 2

Hanging out with the cousins! 

Day 91

Thursday, April 1
We made it to NC!  Everyone was glad!  We were glad to be out of the van and the cousins were glad we finally made it!  We were greeted by a note on the front door that read "Took Ethan to emergency room, will be back soon!".  We almost fell for the April Fool's joke - except for the van in the driveway and a cousin peeking through the curtain!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 90

Wednesday, March 31

On our way to NC!  Baby Girl was not impressed with the pool!
The boys (of course) loved it!

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