Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 108-114

Day 108
Sunday, April 18th
Baby Girl now has two teeth!  Her first one came in Saturday night and the second on Wednesday.  They were hard to see at first, but she kept feeling them with her tongue.

Day 109
Monday, April 19th
Yummy muffins made from carrot pulp left over from juicing.

Day 110
Tuesday, April 20th

Day 111
Wednesday, April 21st
Baby girl found a new toy at Nana's.  She thought she was big stuff sitting in a chair!

Day 112
Thursday, April 22
Papa on his tractor. 

Day 113
Friday, April 23rd

Day 114
Saturday, April 24th
The boys sold some stuff at the resale store today.  So they can buy more Legos?!


Christine said...

Great images again this week, Rita. The first one is wonderful with Baby girl's tongue moving about. You can really tell she's thinking. And I love your dad on a tractor! Every Grandpa should have one of those.

sara said...

loved seeing your parents on your blog this week!!! please tell them I say hi!

And did you know you can never have too many legos? at least that is what my boys told me!

Dena said...

Great pictures!

The tongue touching the teeth is a priceless shot, and I love the picture with the money. Very cute.

rita said...

I love the picture of Papa, and Nana, and baby girl, and happy Lego $ boy! I guess I can relate to all of them.
Oh, but the one I need is the Garden Solver book. Our hanging garden experiment is not going so well. We just got a worm bin (1000 worms!) to make 'worm tea'. We shall see...

Tori said...

Those muffins look great! I love how detailed the garden lay out wonder it turns out so well!
That picture of N with your Mom is great and she looks so young (your mom)
M's look with the money is priceless! Hopefully it won't burn a hole in his pocket too fast!
Have a great week!!

Alana said...

Great week of pics! I love all of them!

McCrakensx4 said...

Love that first pic of baby using her tongue to feel those new teeth...great caputre! And love that your boys sell their stuff to get new boys love it when I have garage sales! And yummy to those muffins!

Elizabeth said...

Your baby girl is precioue!
Those carrot muffins look delicious! I would love to get the recipe!

Aaron and Emily said...

Love the pics this week! Love the thoughtful look as she explores this new feat. I just can't get over how big she is looking!
And I love that pic of L! That will be a classic in the years to come!

The Bug said...

Mmm - those muffins look really good! I could eat one right now (except I'm eating Milk Duds).

The one of your daughter checking out her gums is so cute! Don't we all do that when there's something "foreign" in there? I had a raspberry seed stuck in a tooth last week & I spent a LOT time touching it with my tongue.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Lol! Love the look on his face as he peers over that handful of money!!

Teething. So fun.

Muffins with carrot pulp. Yum!

Cool tractor pic!!

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