Monday, September 27, 2010

Days 261-267

Day 261, Sunday, September 19th

Saying good-night!  Since Baby Girl has the earlier bedtime it has become a ritual to give night-kisses to everyone before bed.  I usually carry her from Dad to boys for this, but then I couldn't catch how cute it is!

Day 262, Monday, September 20th
It is official - we have a cub scout in the family!  Isn't he handsome?!  Lovin' the uniform!!  And quite the popcorn salesman!  Check it out here if you are interested!

And for science today - make your own edible cell!!

I loved the fact that the boys were so excited to make and eat these - mainly because of all the candy they stuffed inside the Jell-O - but couldn't quite finish them because of all the candy they stuffed inside the Jell-)!

Day 263, Tuesday, September 21st
My sister picked these up for Baby Girl.  Who knew something could be so cute just because it is pink!

Day 264, Wednesday, September 22nd
This has been a long week for J because of cross-country.  He has had 4 meets in 5 days!
Here they are right before the race - Go Jimmies!

Day 265, Thursday, September 23rd
Can you guess what J is getting?  Contacts!  He has wanted them for the last year and we finally decided it was time.  He is doing great with them.  But boy, did it bring back some memories for me!  Those first days of trying to get my contacts in, how I never thought I would be able to do it and I wanted to so bad! 

Ta-da!  Doesn't it make him look older? 
Or maybe, I'm just a mom having a hard time knowing that her son
will be turning 13 next month!

Day 266, Friday, September 24th
M and L were at their Grandparents for the night and Hubby and J went to the high school football game, so Baby Girl and I did some stuffin' and savin' at Old Navy. You gotta love Stuff  & Save!

Day 267, Saturday, September 25th
J's last cross-country meet of the week.  Can you tell by the look on his face, he is wearing out? 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 254-260

Day 254, Sunday, September 12th

After staying up all night to get these done - what else would I take a picture of?!

Day 255, Monday, September 13th
Baby Girl's favorite toy - the laundry basket!  And what a great big brother to push her around in it!

It took me 2 shots to get smiles, just not both at the same time!

Day 256, Tuesday, September 14th
Baby Girl at J's cross-country meet modeling her new outfit made by Grandma Gorbics - too cute!  And almost walking!

Day 257, Wednesday, September 15th
Caught - reading!

Day 258, Thursday, September 16th
Oops!  No picture?!

Day 259, Friday, September 17th
Homeschool skate!  I love watching friendships grow - and hearing boys whisper and giggle in the van!  I guess I just assumed it was only girls that did those - definitely not just a girl thing!

On the move!

Day 260, Saturday, September 18th
Our 4th future pianist!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 247-253

Day 247, Saturday, September 5th
Our first full day at family camp.  Ok, so we didn't exactly "camp", but we did stay at a campground!  Our humble abode for the weekend . . .

How did they all live together in "Little House Days"?!

Day 248, Monday, September 6th
The family camp had a Labor Day 5K that D and J participated in.  Gettin ready to go!

D won overall and J took first in his age group!

Day 249, Tuesday, September 7th
Back home and back to the garden!  Things are winding down out there - but we still have plenty of tomatoes! 

Day 250, Wednesday, September 8th
My sis and her kiddos came over for our mini history co-op.  We learned about archeology and got to do our own dig!  Cousin S finding an "artifact" from the 2000's!

M was a little disappointed we didn't go out in the woods and find bones!

Baby Girl and Cousin C joined in the fun too!

Day 251, Thursday, September 9th
J had his first cross country meet and did great!  I loved this shot from the starting line.

Day 252, Friday, September 10th
Field Day for our homeschool group!  I was so proud of M, this was his third year attending and first year participating.  He is very self-conscious and afraid of drawing attention to himself, but then behaves in a way that draws more attention to himself than if he just did what everyone else was doing.  All that to say, that we discussed trying to participate this field day and he might have fun, and he did - both!  Here is him and his new buddy - they won the 3-legged race! 

L and his friend trying the wheelbarrel!

And well, J had a night at church for SPAZ - basically, playing in Jell-O with all your buddies!

Day 253, Saturday, September 11th
Still dealing with tomatoes . . . made sauce (still making sauce - waiting for it to cook down) and canned some diced tomatoes.  I will appreciate this in the winter, right?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 240-246

So, my excuse for the late post is the holiday (and all that comes after going away for the weekend) and my excuse for the pathetic picture taking up until said weekend is also the holiday (and all that comes with getting ready to go away for the weekend) and a little girl who still wasnt' feel great! 

Next week is better - really!

Day 240, Sunday August 29th
Baby Girl is still not feeling quite like herself.  She broke out in hives today!?  Not sure of the cause, possibly whatever she had been fighting the last week.  Thanks Sara for advice on my Benadryl dosage!

Day 241, Monday, August 3oth
I actually took a picture, but the hubby deleted it!  Apparently he didn't want me posting Baby Girl's hives!

Day 242, Tuesday, August 31st
Finally feeling good enough (or should I say looking well enough) to venture out to the library.  They recently added a little puppet theater - the kids love it!  And we made a puppy puppet from the sharing box!

There's my puppeteer!

Day 243, Wednesday, September 1st
Again . . . no picture!

Day 244, Thursday, September 2nd
Guess what?!  No picture!  I had to look at my calendar to actually remember what we did - school, karate, work!

Day 245, Friday, September 3rd
All packed and ready to go!  This year for Labor Day weekend we went to family camp!  Some friends from our homeschool group go every Memorial and Labor Day weekend and we had heard so many wonderful things about we just had to give it a go!  It did takes us two vehicles to get us and all our stuff there!

Day 246, Saturday, September 4th
Hubby and M at the playground.  It was actually pretty chilly compared to the weather we had been having, but I think the kids spent the entire day outside!

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