Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 254-260

Day 254, Sunday, September 12th

After staying up all night to get these done - what else would I take a picture of?!

Day 255, Monday, September 13th
Baby Girl's favorite toy - the laundry basket!  And what a great big brother to push her around in it!

It took me 2 shots to get smiles, just not both at the same time!

Day 256, Tuesday, September 14th
Baby Girl at J's cross-country meet modeling her new outfit made by Grandma Gorbics - too cute!  And almost walking!

Day 257, Wednesday, September 15th
Caught - reading!

Day 258, Thursday, September 16th
Oops!  No picture?!

Day 259, Friday, September 17th
Homeschool skate!  I love watching friendships grow - and hearing boys whisper and giggle in the van!  I guess I just assumed it was only girls that did those - definitely not just a girl thing!

On the move!

Day 260, Saturday, September 18th
Our 4th future pianist!


The Bug said...

Baby girl is TOO CUTE in her new outfit.

I was never a skater (I liked to read) - but I had skate envy in my heart for the ones who viewed it as a community & had friends there...

Alana said...

awww I love the piano pic!

Tori said...

Those are some beautiful cans lady! :)
What is it about laundry baskets? They should make grown up ones too so we can share in the fun!
I haven't skated in years, but those pictures make me want to. Does anyone still put the pom-poms on their skates?
We have those same piano books here.
Have a super week!

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