Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 247-253

Day 247, Saturday, September 5th
Our first full day at family camp.  Ok, so we didn't exactly "camp", but we did stay at a campground!  Our humble abode for the weekend . . .

How did they all live together in "Little House Days"?!

Day 248, Monday, September 6th
The family camp had a Labor Day 5K that D and J participated in.  Gettin ready to go!

D won overall and J took first in his age group!

Day 249, Tuesday, September 7th
Back home and back to the garden!  Things are winding down out there - but we still have plenty of tomatoes! 

Day 250, Wednesday, September 8th
My sis and her kiddos came over for our mini history co-op.  We learned about archeology and got to do our own dig!  Cousin S finding an "artifact" from the 2000's!

M was a little disappointed we didn't go out in the woods and find bones!

Baby Girl and Cousin C joined in the fun too!

Day 251, Thursday, September 9th
J had his first cross country meet and did great!  I loved this shot from the starting line.

Day 252, Friday, September 10th
Field Day for our homeschool group!  I was so proud of M, this was his third year attending and first year participating.  He is very self-conscious and afraid of drawing attention to himself, but then behaves in a way that draws more attention to himself than if he just did what everyone else was doing.  All that to say, that we discussed trying to participate this field day and he might have fun, and he did - both!  Here is him and his new buddy - they won the 3-legged race! 

L and his friend trying the wheelbarrel!

And well, J had a night at church for SPAZ - basically, playing in Jell-O with all your buddies!

Day 253, Saturday, September 11th
Still dealing with tomatoes . . . made sauce (still making sauce - waiting for it to cook down) and canned some diced tomatoes.  I will appreciate this in the winter, right?


sara said...

I miss family camp!!!!

love the dig idea!

can not believe the kids are wearing sweatshirts up there already. it is still in the high 90s here!

yes, YES you will be happy you canned all that this winter! please send some to ME and I will be happy too! :)

Christine said...

Nice little bow to wrap up a great weekend -- TWO first place winners! Good for them!!! That's awesome!

I can't believe I didn't make it out to the garden last week. I'm sure you will be happy this winter and I will NOT--because I've been too busy (or maybe lazy!) to do anything about it. ;)

And I'm so glad to hear that Micah had fun at field day!! I knew he'd come around!

Have a great week, friend!

The Bug said...

We keep trying to decide whether to continue watering our garden (it's been SO dry here), but the squash & tomatoes are still putting out. We can't just let them die can we?

Love the archealogical dig - looks like fun to me!

Kim said...

We loved family camp! Made some wonderful friends we still stay in touch with, although it's been 15 years since the last camp.

I could really go for a nice ripe tomato about now :) Just got our garden planted last Monday but we're going to buy tomato plants rather than starting those from seed, and we haven't gotten them yet. We missed out on having a winter garden this year because we were just too busy in May to put it in. So it's been WAAAAAY too long since I've had a decent tomato!

Great photos from your week! Especially the sandbox -- er, I mean archaelogy dig photos :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Great starting line photo..always my fav when they are coming off of the line, although mine are football! And love that you made a dig in your sandbox...what a cool way to learn. It looks cool there with the hoodies...wish it would cool down a bit here where I live. Hope you have a great week.

RaD said...

Family camp looks like it was so much fun. I wish we coulda gone this year.

Tori said...

Family camp looks great!!
Baby girl looks like she is enjoying the "Dig"!! Great idea BTW.
I love that running shot from the starting line too.
Canning is always a lot of work, but so worth it.

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