Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 352-358

Day 352, Sunday, December 19th
Baby Girl loves this stuffed santa from our small group white elephant exchange!  She walks up to it and just shoves him over! Ha! 

Day 353, Monday, December 20th
Hubby is home for the week on vacation and decided to go through some of his memorabilia . . he gave me his I.D. bracelet!  Did anyone else ever have one of these? 

Day 354, Tuesday, December 21st
When mom is at work . . . the boys play!

Day 355, Wednesday, December 22nd
I really wanted to finish out strong, but just had a difficult day and wasn't up for looking for something to take a picture of at the end of it all.

Day 356, Thursday, December 23rd
Another find from Daddy's "old stuff" - his YMCA soccer shirt. 

Day 357, Friday, December 24th
Christmas Eve.  Too many pictures taken . . . loved this one!

Day 358, Saturday, December 25th
Merry Christmas! 
Again, too many pictures taken, too many places to go, too much time in the van, too much materialism . . . so wanted to remind myself what it is really all about!  (This is from a tree we decorate at my parent's - the kiddos put the ornaments on, each one has a scripture verse and represents a name of Jesus).

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 345-351

Day 345, Sunday, December 12th
Tonight we went to church for the Advent Night of Carols.  This is what happens when you leave these boys alone for a minute!  And this is what happens when you play with my camera when I'm not around - you get posted on my blog!

M has another loose tooth!

Day 346, Monday, December 13th
I haven't posted a pic of our beloved Toby for awhile . . . this is what he has been doing a lot of lately.  Aahh . . . to have a dog's life!

Day 347, Tuesday, December 14th
What is missing from this picture?  Baby Girl has been playing with this, a gift from my grandmother.  I love having one the kids can play with.   

Day 348, Wednesday, December 15th
Science co-op!  Today was a game/review day with some cookies and snacks thrown in.  All set and ready to go!  I loved seeing what they've learned.

L drawing for the boys team (which lost by the way) . . . can you guess what it is?

Day 349, Thursday, December 16th
J had his Christmas concert tonight.  He's the middle head in the picture :)

And my attempt at getting a picture of Baby Girl enjoying the music . . . not what I was going for, but definitely worth keeping! 

Day 350, Friday, December 17th
Nothing like the smell of burning plastic.  Thankfully, I noticed the smell before any real damage was done, but it was NOT fun to clean up and I really think I still smell it when the woodburner gets hot enough.  This was after I pulled it off of the side of the stove.

Day 351, Saturday, December 18th
Hubby caught this one for me.  Impressive bubble!  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 338-344

Day 338, Sunday, December 5th
My sister's Christmas tree tied to the top of their car. 

Day 339, Monday, December 6th
Baby Girl playing by herself, in one spot, for an extended period of time!  This doesn't happen very often, so I thought I'd better document it! 

She caught me!  Gotta love that smile!

Time to play out in the snow!

Day 340, Tuesday, December 7th
Baby Girl on the way home from bible study.  She didn't quite make it home.  Of course, the 3 trains I caught did not help!

Yeah, I sat there for a long time and took some more pictures!

Day 341, Wednesday, December 8th
History day!  After reading about early African history and some of the Anansi stories, we made our own Anansi's.

Day 342, Thursday, December 9th
Hubby making sausage-in-jalapenos for a work carry in:  halving and deseeding . . .

stuff with sausage and cooking in soy sauce . . .

cooked and all ready to eat!

Day 343, Friday, December 10th
Happy Birthday to my nephew!  He is eating his first cupcake - with a fork!

Day 344, Saturday, December 11th
Celebrating another birthday - trash truck style! 

One of the games - spin and then see how fast you can dress in the coveralls!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 324 to 337 (Minus a few!)

I finally have my camera back!  I didn't know I would miss it so much.  I guess this Project 365 has made it become a part of me!  So I am making up for 2 weeks and filling in with some pictures taken after the actual day  - they are noted with an * - cause you know, I'm just like that.  Enjoy!

Day 324, Sunday, November 21st
I really can't believe I didn't take a picture!  My sister and her family arrived on Saturday, L made it home from his overnight camp (he had a blast and wasn't in the house 5 minutes before he asked to go back to my mom's to see his cousins!) and we had a Thanksgiving feast at small group.  Oh yeah, I didn't take a picture, because I have this video!  Sorry for the poor quality and baby squealing in the background!

Day 325, Monday, November 22nd
M lost his first tooth!  It had been loose for quite a while, apparently he is not much of a tooth wiggler.  He came home from Nana's with it in a plastic bag - he had gotten her to take it out for him!  Thanks Nana!  What a cutie!

Day 326, Tuesday, November 23rd
Again - no picture and I did have my camera!

Day 327, Wednesday, November 24th
Breakfast with my sister and then to United Art and Education!  What a wonderful time!

Day 328, Thursday, November 25th
Happy Thanksgiving!  Grandpa Gorbics showing us his antique coffee grinder.  

Day 329, Friday, November 26th*
An early Christmas present from Grandma Gorbics.  A beautiful Advent Calendar!  Thanks Debbie!  You are one talented woman and we have already enjoyed using this!

Day 330 & 331, Saturday & Sunday, November 27th & 28th*
Yes, it actually did take us 2 days to decorate our Christmas tree!  We discovered when we put it up on Saturday, that we needed more lights . . . and you can't hang any ornaments on before the lights are on . . . it was very hard for M to wait!  This is the earliest we have ever put up our Christmas tree - let's hope it survives until Christmas!

Day 332, Monday, November 29th*
I was very sad we didn't have the camera for this event - Turtle Racing at Cub Scouts!  L brought home a piece of wood with a pattern that he and Dad had to cut out.  He then got to personalize it - Super Turtle!  The whole in his head is where the string went through that was pulled to make him "walk".  He did have 2 eyeballs before the race!

Day 333, 334, 335, Tuesday - Thursday, November 30 - December 2nd
No pictures :(   Not starting the last month of Project 365 very well!

Day 336, Friday, December 3rd
I have my camera back!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Gorbics for dropping it by! 
Yeah - and this is all I took a picture of - J being silly!  I'm sure I'll use it to embarrass him sometime in the future!

Day 337, Saturday, December 4th
M's turn for the Advent Calendar.  One thing I like about this one is that Baby Jesus stays on the whole time - that means no one fighting over who gets to put him on this year and me not being able to recall whose turn it is!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogging . . uh . . . break?

In case anyone out there's been wondering why I haven't posted anything  . . . we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my father-in-law's, so great that I left my camera there and I haven't gotten it back yet! 

I guess I will be missing more of Project 365 than I planned on!  I do have some great pics to post from before I left the camera behind.  I have really missed some great photo ops too! 

Hope to be back clicking away soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 317-323

Day 317, Sunday, November 14th
I started making Baby Girl's book tonight . . . as you can see, I didn't get very far.

Day 318, Monday, November 15th
J's new hat was delivered today - I love his pose, not sure he really thought I was gonna take a picture :)

Day 319, Tuesday, November 16th
I had to take a picture of Baby Girl in her matching vest and hat (a great hand-me-down from cousin Sophie!).  It had me smiling all the way to bible study!

Day 320, Wednesday, November 17th
Trying to stay caught up on my 2 bible studies.  I am constantly amazed by God when two completely different studies bring out the same exact message!

Day 321, Thursday, November 18th
Packing L up for his first overnight camp!

Day 322, Friday, November 19th
The day has finally arrived.  L had heard so much about this camp from big brother J, that he could hardly wait for his turn to go.  And what better than to go with a great friend!  I think they are excited!

Day 323, Saturday, November 20th
Happy Birthday to by dear hubby!  He just loves the attention - can you tell?  He did like the cake - Swedish Pineapple - yummy! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 310-316

Day 310, Sunday, November 7th
Well, I finally got the bug that has been rampant in our house . . . so no picture today :(!

Day 311, Monday, November 8th
Another sick day - no school, no picture!

Day 312, Tuesday, November 9th
Today we went back out into the world.  I must say it was a long day!  But, it was a beautiful day - loved the warmth and the sun!  Here we were playing in the plaza downtown while J got his hair cut.   
Day 313, Wednesday, November 10th
Free day at Healthworks!  We went with our science co-op friends and a good time was had by all!  Some of our favorites . . . the projection wall (it has a sensor and your movements affect the picture) . . .

and the game floor! 

Day 314, Thursday, November 11th
Baby Girl discoved a "phone" we would let her play with . . .
a.k.a. a calculator!

Day 315, Friday, November 12th
Looks like a didn't take a picture today either - rough week!
Day 316, Saturday, November 13th
My Quiet Book and pattern for a Christmas present for Baby Girl.

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