Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 345-351

Day 345, Sunday, December 12th
Tonight we went to church for the Advent Night of Carols.  This is what happens when you leave these boys alone for a minute!  And this is what happens when you play with my camera when I'm not around - you get posted on my blog!

M has another loose tooth!

Day 346, Monday, December 13th
I haven't posted a pic of our beloved Toby for awhile . . . this is what he has been doing a lot of lately.  Aahh . . . to have a dog's life!

Day 347, Tuesday, December 14th
What is missing from this picture?  Baby Girl has been playing with this, a gift from my grandmother.  I love having one the kids can play with.   

Day 348, Wednesday, December 15th
Science co-op!  Today was a game/review day with some cookies and snacks thrown in.  All set and ready to go!  I loved seeing what they've learned.

L drawing for the boys team (which lost by the way) . . . can you guess what it is?

Day 349, Thursday, December 16th
J had his Christmas concert tonight.  He's the middle head in the picture :)

And my attempt at getting a picture of Baby Girl enjoying the music . . . not what I was going for, but definitely worth keeping! 

Day 350, Friday, December 17th
Nothing like the smell of burning plastic.  Thankfully, I noticed the smell before any real damage was done, but it was NOT fun to clean up and I really think I still smell it when the woodburner gets hot enough.  This was after I pulled it off of the side of the stove.

Day 351, Saturday, December 18th
Hubby caught this one for me.  Impressive bubble!  


RaD said...

Ick! burnt plastic!

Love the pic of your little one enjoying the music. That's priceless!

Kim said...

You always have such a great mix of photos -- you really do a great job documenting your family and life! That bubble photo is great! I think the nativity for kids is a wonderful idea. Let's just hope baby Jesus makes his appearance on Christmas :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

sara said...

I always had a nativity out that my kids could play with. Ours was wooden and over the years we lost one sheep..not bad.

I recognize some of those kids at the science review!!! the picture looks like "how to clean off a cut knee"!

glad you caught that burning plastic when you did!!!

Have a great Christmas!

The Bug said...

Love that first picture - and the one of the child enjoying the music. Spontaneous pics are the best!

Christine said...

I love that you posted the pictures of your boys playing with your camera! :) And it's a great one!
We love having you guys at science! The review party was a blast. I loved seeing what they've learned too. And your jeopardy game was a great challenge!
Loved seeing you so much this week! I hope you have a peaceful and fun week ahead. Merry Christmas!

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