Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 317-323

Day 317, Sunday, November 14th
I started making Baby Girl's book tonight . . . as you can see, I didn't get very far.

Day 318, Monday, November 15th
J's new hat was delivered today - I love his pose, not sure he really thought I was gonna take a picture :)

Day 319, Tuesday, November 16th
I had to take a picture of Baby Girl in her matching vest and hat (a great hand-me-down from cousin Sophie!).  It had me smiling all the way to bible study!

Day 320, Wednesday, November 17th
Trying to stay caught up on my 2 bible studies.  I am constantly amazed by God when two completely different studies bring out the same exact message!

Day 321, Thursday, November 18th
Packing L up for his first overnight camp!

Day 322, Friday, November 19th
The day has finally arrived.  L had heard so much about this camp from big brother J, that he could hardly wait for his turn to go.  And what better than to go with a great friend!  I think they are excited!

Day 323, Saturday, November 20th
Happy Birthday to by dear hubby!  He just loves the attention - can you tell?  He did like the cake - Swedish Pineapple - yummy! 


sara said...

Baby girl looks like a Rock Star!!!!

Love the Experiencing God bible study. so good.

hurray for camp!!!!

Happy Birthday to your man!!!

The Bug said...

Happy birthday hubby! That cake does sound yummy.

LOVE the hat & vest on baby girl - too cute!

Tori said...

When I first saw the first pic, I thought you were measuring Toby for some great school project!
If you look at Baby Girl quickly, you could think that hat was hair! How fun!! I would be smiling too!!
Spring Hill is fantastic. Hope L had a great time and made some great memories!!
Happy b-day Dan!!
Have a great week!!

RaD said...

My husband loves that book, Experiencing God. I also liked your little one's matching outfit, so cute!


Christine said...

Baby Girl looks cute no matter what, but OH my goodness! What a doll!

Isn't God great? I love it when He makes things very clear.

I hope L had fun at camp!
And Happy Birthday to Dan! Glad you took his picture anyway! ;) John is exactly the same way about getting attention.

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