Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 310-316

Day 310, Sunday, November 7th
Well, I finally got the bug that has been rampant in our house . . . so no picture today :(!

Day 311, Monday, November 8th
Another sick day - no school, no picture!

Day 312, Tuesday, November 9th
Today we went back out into the world.  I must say it was a long day!  But, it was a beautiful day - loved the warmth and the sun!  Here we were playing in the plaza downtown while J got his hair cut.   
Day 313, Wednesday, November 10th
Free day at Healthworks!  We went with our science co-op friends and a good time was had by all!  Some of our favorites . . . the projection wall (it has a sensor and your movements affect the picture) . . .

and the game floor! 

Day 314, Thursday, November 11th
Baby Girl discoved a "phone" we would let her play with . . .
a.k.a. a calculator!

Day 315, Friday, November 12th
Looks like a didn't take a picture today either - rough week!
Day 316, Saturday, November 13th
My Quiet Book and pattern for a Christmas present for Baby Girl.


sara said...

So sorry the bug hit you too...but I guess that is inevitable some times!

Love the "phone" picture!!! She is growing up so fast!

Christine said...

Glad you were well enough to come to the museum! I love Baby Girl's "phone"! They sure like to mimic, don't they?

I hope the week is back to normal for you!

RaD said...

Hope you are feeling better!

rita said...

Baby Girl is learning early!
Have a great week all!

The Bug said...

The science co-op looks like a LOT of fun! I agree with everyone else - baby girl is too cute with her "phone."

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