Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 97-100

Wow! I've hit the 100 mark!  Ok . . . almost . . . I have missed a few days here and there.  This week was full of trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation and just enjoying being at home. 

Day 97
Wednesday, April 7th
Toby was wore out after staying with some friends while we were in NC.  I think he slept for 2 days straight!  Very unusual for this dog!

Day 98
Thursday, April 8th
M and I playing HISS!

Day 99
Friday, April 9th
M calls this Fort "B" and it survived the winter!

Bathtime!  We recently replaced our hot water heater, so this is an appealing option now (Yeah, it was that bad!).  I love the goggles for a bath!

Day 100!
Saturday, April 10th
Baby Girl has found a new toy!  And I am finally caught up on laundry!!


Shannon said...

You have been so faithful with the project 365! I'm very impressed and love all the pictures of your adorable children.

sara said...

the dog looks VERY comfy!!!

I love playing games with my kids!
I miss those days on the floor!

yea for forts!

and who doesn't like to soak in a nice warm bubble bath?

Tori said...

Laundry baskets are the best toys, but I prefer them to be empty before playing!! :)

rita said...

Great fort foto!
Baby girl is ADORABLE!

Elizabeth said...

Your baby girl is so cute! Just adorable!

Christine said...

These are some great pictures, Rita! I love that you included yourself this week! You're such an important part of all that goes on. Your kids will love seeing pictures of you on the floor with them someday.

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