Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sharpie Party - Revisited

After my Project 365 post, I had some comments about our Sharpie party for Karate.  Hopefully, this will fill in some details!  At Karate there is a game they play called knife fight.  Yeah, I know, sounds great, but the boys love it!  Your hands are your "knives" the goal is to not to get hit.  Once hit, you either are out or lose an appendage depending on which version you are playing. 

The Sharpie party was an extension of that game with Sharpie's as the "knives" and t-shirts to prove a hit!  (Caution:  Sharpie's will "spray" if shook - that is why everyone is outside!)  Everyone brought a Sharpie or two.  They played as individuals, teams, partner's and even ran the Sharpie gauntlet.  Sometimes they were only allowed one Sharpie and sometimes two.

Not only did they playing a game they love, they have the shirts to prove it!


Jamie said...

Sounds fun -- and messy! :)

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