Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 143-149

Day 143, Sunday May 23rd
W were watching the son of some friends us for the weekend.  He is such a good friend to L.  I love that!

Day 144, Monday, May 24th
L had an orthodontist appt.  No work to be done yet, we'll have to wait 6 months and see . . . so why not grab some DQ?!

Day 145, Tuesday, May 25th
Dodge Ball day at the park with our homeschool group.  Wrapping the year up!

Day 146, Wednesday, May 26th
Baby Girl is on the move!  This week she has gone from just being able to sit up from a laying down position to crawling all over the place!  We can no longer put her down in one place and expect her to stay there!  That also means she is learning "No" and "Not for you"!  She looks at the forbidden object and will shake her head "no", like she is reminding herself that she shouldn't touch it - and usually tries again!

Day 147, Thursday, May 27th
Learning new forms at Karate.  The boys have been doing very well lately.  L especially has been really motivated and focused during class.

Day 148, Friday, May 28th
Poppy's from Mom's flower bed.  I love their color and size.  I can see them out my back door!

Day 149, Saturday, May 29th
Took this one while the boys were resting after running in a race today.  Thought it was a great photo-op!  Have a wonderful weekend and remember!


Dena said...


How fun for your little girl. Won't be long and she'll be walking and running, trying to keep up with her big brothers.

The poppies are gorgeous!

Tori said...

N is growing up so fast! Have fun saying no to that cute little face!
Yummy DW, I forgot about the dipped cones.
The poppies are gorgeous!!
I love the picture of the boys with the flags, perfectly poignant!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I think Baby Girl is just trying to keep up with her big brothers' week!! Man! Could they have had a more active week?!

I guess I've never seen poppies in real life. I didn't realize they were so big. Very pretty!

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