Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 115 - Day 121

Day 115-Sunday, April 25th

Papa got his pheasants. M made sure we knew that we had to be very quiet or they might "get all freaked out".

Day 116-Monday, April 26th
Dan and J went back to release the pheasants for Papa.  The goal is for them to 1) survive, 2)nest and raise their young, 3) so my dad not to have to purchase them next year.  We've already seen one dead, and two have ventured into our yard thereby driving our dog nuts!  Dan did a great job with these pictures.

Day 117-Tuesday, April 27
A couple of weeks ago I was browsing another Project 365 from Sara's and came across a beautiful picture of a wisteria (sorry, I can't remember where or I'd link it!).  Here is my wisteria. 

Since living here for almost 8 years, we've had one - 1 - uno, year that it bloomed like it was supposed to! All the others it has looked like this.  If you've ever seen one in full bloom, you know it does NOT look like mine!  Very pathetic!  What, oh what, can I do to help it?!

Day 118-Wednesday, April 28th
Yes, this is our dog in a baby bouncy seat!  I had put it away after Baby Girl was finished with it.  I got it back out because we were having some company with a little(r) one.  We were in the kitchen working on school when J calls me in, "Mom, you've got to see this!"
Yes, he thinks he is the baby!

Day 119-Thursday, April 29th
Brie baked in a pastry puff crust!  Yummy!  I don't think the picture does it justice!

Day 120-Friday, April 30th
A great day for a picnic and Baby Girl's first trip to the park!

Day 121-Saturday, May 1st
I can hardly believe it is May already!  That means we will be planting the garden soon.  Here are some of the seedlings we started for our garden!  These are the tomatoes.   I think we have 5 or 6 different varieties and approx. 136 seedlings!  And I was concerned that none of them would come up!?  That's gonna be alot of tomatoes!


Christine said...

Great job on pictures again this week, Rita. I love the one of M with the pheasants--great angle! And wowie on those tomato seedlings! Do you need help planting?

Rita said...

Thanks Christine! And yes, we will need help planting, I'll let you know when we plan on putting them in!

McCrakensx4 said...

The dog in the bouncy seat is too funny and the park looks like lots of fun! I can't believe it's May already either! Hope your garden does well!

sara said...

pheasants are so pretty.

I hope someone can help you with your wisteria....I for one have a very brown thumb and no clue. They grow wild down here are are gorgeous!

the picture of the!

Love brie!!!

great week!

rita said...

Interesting about importing phaesants...
The one wisteria is gorgeous, love the colors. But the whole bush, well...that's another story. Looks like it could be cut back quite a bit.
Cute doggy baby!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Wisteria. One of my favorite things to look at in OTHER people's yards. (I kill everything around me, so I'm the last person to ask about how to help your plant out.)

Whoa. That IS a lot of tomatoes. But...yum!

Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog yesterday and for your prayers. That means a lot to me.

Elizabeth said...

That pastry puff meal looks delicious! I love anything made with puff pastry!

Your dog in the bouncer is hilarious!

Tori said...

Your wisteria may not be huge, but still pretty!
The dog is priceless!!
Do you ever put fruit with your brie? Yummy!
Have a super week!

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