Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 191-197

Day 191, Sunday, July 11th
I guess after all the birthday hullabaloo, I forgot to take a picture!

Day 191, Monday, July 12th
Baby Girl's birthday!  And I thought she was getting big . . . but this picture shows just how big J is getting!

Day 193, Tuesday, July 13th
We had my nephew stay overnight.  I just love the little guys playing cars. 

Day 194, Wednesday, July 14th
I had the privilege of watching a good friend's daughter for the evening.  These two are only 5 months apart.  What fun it was to watch them interact.  I'll have to post on the the evening and how Baby Girl did!  Too funny!

Day 195, Thursday, July 15th
Baby Girl has never played with bubbles before!  How did that happen?!  Her big brothers are glad to introduce her to them - I think she likes them!

Day 196, Friday, July 16th
L and M are ready for their Kid's Triathalon on Saturday! 

Day 197, Saturday, July 17th
They did it - they completed the kid's triathalon - swim 25 yds, bike 1.5 miles, run  1/2 mile!  As L has been waiting for the chance to say, "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt" - and the medal to prove it!  I am so proud of them both.  This was a new experience and they had fun and gave it their all!  Good job boys!  (My husband filled me in later, that L really gave it his all and broke down after this pic - he pushed himself to his limit)


sara said...

wow! congrats to your boys for doing the kids marathon...that is awesome!!!

RaD said...

A triathalon! That's great, I'll bet they were exhausted!

Your baby is adorable.

Tori said...

If you wouldn't have said that was J I never would have guessed! He looks so tall!!
Sounds like there was lots of playing at your house this week. FUN!
Way to go on the triathalon!! I bet Dan was very proud. L looked like he was spent in that picture. Poor guy!
Have a super week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Wow! A kids' triathlon?! Who knew? Sounds exhausting, frankly. :) Good for them!!

Love the bubbles, the cars, and the playdates!!! The stuff childhood is made of.

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