Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 178-184

Day 178, Sunday, June 27th
My hubby and I got some alone time to go to a wedding of a childhood friend.  It was located on Lake Michigan at an aquatorium.  Below is the Chicago skyline from across the lake.  Afterwards we enjoyed a nice stroll along the water.

Day 179, Monday, June 28th
M's money has been burning a hole in his pocket.  Actually, J is the only saver in the bunch.  In the evening, we took a trip to Target to get ready for Baby Girl's birthday party in a couple of weeks (Aahh -I can't believe she'll be one!) and M brought his money for some Legos.  He did a great job of putting them together by himself.

Day 180, Tuesday, June 29th
A day at the beach with some friends!  Five boys and they had a blast in the water and digging holes!  What is it about boys and holes?!

Day 181, Wednesday, June 30th
We went down the Miller's Merry Manor (the nursing home where my paternal grandmother resides) to help transport some of the residents down to a local park for a picnic.  It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed themselves.  My Grandma Bea and Baby Girl getting better aquainted.

Day 182, Thursday, July 1st
Dad took the boys to an old car cruise in and of course, they had to pose with the Subaru!

Day 183, Friday, July 2nd
Did I mention my Baby Girl is going to turn 1?!  She started pulling herself to a standing position on Wednesday and is now getting into so much more!  But she is so proud of herself everytime she does it!  Oh, yeah, and she's figured out the stairs too! 

Day 184, Saturday, July 3rd
Oops!  No picture!  I usually just skip it all, but here I am acknowledging my failure - I guess it'll keep me humble.  Some days, it just doesn't happen!  I was probably trying to keep Baby Girl away from the stairs all day!


Dena said...

I love the lake shot with the city skyline. Beautiful!

It is so sweet to see your little girl reaching out to her great-grandmother. aawww

Tori said...

How awesome for you and Dan to have some time! The view looks lovely.
What a precious pic of N and her great grandmother.
I can't believe she is going to be 1! The picture of her standing looks like a totally different girl from just a week or so ago with the one of her in the bath. Crazy!!
Have a super week!!

Christine said...

A day at the lake with your best friend sounds like the perfect way to start the week!
I have a saver and a spender too. Hopefully since big brother is the saver, he'll rub off on M.
I love the picture of N with great-grandma! It's the reaching that makes it so so sweet.
Have a fun week chasing after Baby Girl! :)

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Isn't that skyline beautiful?

Love that picture of your grandma with the little princess. It's something about the way Baby Girl is looking at Grandma Bea. Precious.

Oh, yeah! You were interested in those baby dolls Atticus was playing with...They are Fisher-Price Snap-n-Style (or something like that). They're pretty cheap, too. We love them! (Saylor got them when she was 3. They are the perfect size for little ones who can't manipulate small parts very well.)

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