Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 198-205

Day 198, Sunday, July 18th
Pool party at the Bollenbacher's!  Our wonderful hosts of a wonderful time!

Day 199, Monday, July 19th
It was beautiful . . . I don't think the picture does it justice!

Day 200, Tuesday, July 20th
Does anyone else use baking soda/water mix for a bee sting or is it just something I learned from my mom?  It was only a sweat bee and I am not sure if it really helps or was just psychological for M.

Day 201, Wednesday, July 21st
South Bend Silverhawks game with the family thanks to a vendor at hubby's work!  You gotta love free tickets and free food!  When we were talking about going, the boys were so excited - "free food - that means we can eat as much as we want too!"  We (Baby Girl) didn't make it through the whole game, but we came away with 2 baseballs!

Day 202, Thursday, July 22nd
We had some a friend and her two kiddos over for dinner and I took this picture for his Daddy who is in Afganistan - just what every soldier wants to see, his boy loving a baby doll!

Day 203, Friday, July 23rd
Four-wheeling/dirt-biking in the sweltering heat!  Getting dirty like boys like to do!

Day 204, Saturday, July 24th
Obedience judging for 4-H Dog Club at the fair.  J and Toby did great - Toby just needs a little more work sitting/standing still for 1-3 minutes.  And if you know our dog, that is a tall order!


McCrakensx4 said...

My boys had dolls when they were little and their dad was not too happy...I thought it was great though! Baseball games are always fun and even more so when they are free. And I have heard of baking soda and water for a bee sting. Did it work..I have only used it once and I don't remember!

Lori said...

I think that Baking soda paste does work!! I have also heard that meat tenerizer paste also works...

Tori said...

I use baking soda paste for stings here..and it works. That sky is magnificent!! What an amzing Creator we have!
What a great week of friends and playing!
I might need to borrow J to help with obedience for Reese. He is almost 10 months and is going through a naughty phase. (at least I hope it's a phase!)
Have a super week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week!

The smell of dirty sweaty boy after playing long and hard on a summer day is one of those things that just sticks in your brain. I so remember that smell. Now that my boy is all grown up I miss that smell sometimes!


Christine said...

What a summer-y week you had! Pool party, bee sting, baseball, 4-wheelin'!! There's nothing quite like summer! Hope you enjoy another great one!

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