Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 205-211

Wow!  What a week!  Summer is flying by and we have been so busy.  This project is helping me stop (at the end of the week at least) and enjoy some of the busier times!  Oh, yeah, and I was off a day last week, I think, so I tried to correct, but then I visited someone else's Project 365 and my numbers were way off - oh, well, I'll see where I end up at the end of the year! 

Day 205-Sunday, July 25th

Finally!  Baby Girl did not sleep much today.  Our church times are different for the summer, so she was falling asleep on the way home, but didn't stay asleep.  I thought she'd take a great afternoon nap then, but that didn't happen?!  When she was finally out for the night, it was a relief for all of us! 

Day 206-Monday, July 26th
Can you spot the boy?  This week seems to have been all about L from my pictures, maybe I was just trying to capture some of my boy before and after his birthday. 

Day 207-Tuesday, July 27th
Caught - reading!  The older two boys started the Harry Potter series this past week.  This is where I frequently find J.  And I frequently hear "just let me finish this page".

Day 208-Wednesday, July 28th
They both get excited when someone arrives!

Day 209-Thursday, July 29th
Happy Birthday L!  J had to show the dog again at the Elkhart County Fair, so I took the boys for the afternoon and hubby brought the dog at show time (sounded like a good idea at the time, but made for a very, very long day).  All L wanted to do for his day was ride the Ferris wheel (check!) . . .

and eat an elephant ear (check!) - he is so easy to please!  I hope you had a wonderful birthday 10 year old!

Day 210-Friday, July 30th
Time for a birthday party!  Can you guess what the theme was?  (Yes, the knife was real and carefully handed back to Papa after the photo-op).

Day 211-Saturday, July 31st
What a beautiful day!  We went to a cookout at hubby's aunt's house and spent some quality time with relatives.  Baby Girl loved playing with Grandpa's hat!


Alana said...

I love the one with toby's face in the corner! haha! Harry Potter is certainly hard to stop reading! I can never stop till I finish the book.

sara said...

the picture with your dogs face in the corner made me laugh out loud!!! It took a second for me to see it!

happy birthday to your boy...ferris wheel and an elephant ear sounds great to me too!

shell said...

your boys are getting SO big! my time flies. great pictures!

Dena said...

Your dog reminds me of mine. They too get very excited when someone arrives.

We had our county fair this week also! Elephant ears - yum!

Happy birthday to your son.:)

Elizabeth said...

Fun summer week!

RaD said...

Hope you weren't basing your 365 photo count on my blog, I started late.

Happy belated birthday L!

Looks like an action packed week, thanks for sharing!

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week. I love when I find my boys someplace reading...warms my heart! happy birthday to your birthday boy...looked like he was ready for a fun party!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

What is it about little boys and sharp objects?

Something in their DNA! My son used to spend hours carving swords and knives out of sticks from the woods???

Wonderful week.


rita said...

Love it when kids want to read!
Interesting quote on your sidebar.

Tori said...

Some days you just need them to fall least I do!
How can L be 10?!! So glad he had a good birthday.
I know when I get in a good book, my answer is the same, "Let me finish this page!" Love it!!
Have a great week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Love all those big boy pics. Happy Birthday to your 10-year-old! Wow.

Okay. I've somehow never heard of an elephant's ear. It looks sort of like a funnel cake/cinnamon pastry-type thing in the picture. Am I close? :)

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