Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A First Birthday Party

Baby Girl was surrounded by friends and family for her 1st birthday.  I don't think she quite understood what was going on!  She became shy when we all started singing (either that or we sounded really bad) and tried to hide her head in my shoulder.

  Present time!  Even the boys were excited to see what she would get!
I think she like the card a little too much!

She was not really interested in opening the presents . . .
until . . . is that a . . . baby doll?!
This little one likes her baby dolls!
We'll have to work on who gets the bottle!

Thanks to all the family and friends who helped us celebrate! 

Uncle Rodney and Aunt Jennifer (and boys)

Uncle Wendell (and Bentley)

Aunt Rachael, Hannah, Makenna and Rylan

Grandma Books

The Curtis Family!

Grandma and Grandpa Gorbics

and Nana and Papa - of whom I didn't get a picture (gasp!)!


Christine said...

Looks like a lovely time. I think it's wonderful that you took a picture of N with everyone that came (almost). What treasures!

Rita said...

It was a wonderful time! I actually got the idea from Emily (Langness). Definitely a worthwhile idea - however, N was fading fast at the end!

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