Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 185-91

Day 185, Sunday, July 4th
We didn't do much for the holiday, just hung out and relaxed.  Baby Girl loves to play in her pool . . .
until she tries to get out of it . . .Daddy thought it was funny that she ended up with a face full of grass!

Day 186, Monday, July 5th
What a long weekend is good for - getting some projects started around the house.  The plants will come this fall.  And the big patch of grasses and flowers to the right will come out sometime. 

Day 187, Tuesday, July 6th
I have Hydrangea envy!  These beauties are from my in-laws.  I planted 6 a couple of years ago and they are no longer around . . . can't help but wonder if they could have looked like this!

Day 188, Wednesday, July 7th
It's been hot around here the last couple of days - time to hit the pool! 

Day 189, Thursday, July 8th
Karate belt test for L today!  He went from blue with a white stripe to . . .
all blue!  Way to go!

Day 190, Friday, July 9th
The boys spent the afternoon and night with their cousins . . . which means somebody was missing them!

Day 191, Saturday, July 10th
Time for a birthday party!  Baby girl is turning 1!  And of course, that means cake with lots of pink icing!


Tori said...

Those hydrangeas are gorgeous! Could you translplant some of those?
The pool was the perfect place to be this week, wasn't it? I love that N goes from bikini wearing, grass face to sweet pink frosting. FUN!
Congrats L on your promotion!
Have a super week!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I love hydrangeas also, and I don't have any in my yard either. I had some at my old house but they did not do very well. I have heard that they are very slow growing and need a good bit of shade????

bay's and cake frosting there is just nothing in better in my book@!

great week.

rita said...

Caught up at last!
Enjoyed all your photos.
Happy birthday, Baby Girl!
Loved the Chicago skyline.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Beautiful hydrangeas!

Congrats on the karate promo! I've often thought about putting Noah in karate. Not sure we can add one more thing to our schedule, but I think it would teach him some discipline/self-control. Any thoughts?

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