Monday, June 28, 2010

Days 171-177

I'm a little late for this weeks Project 365, we were out of internet/phone (gasp) since Thursday!  Realized today when I called Comcast it would have been back on sometime Friday, if the hubby hadn't unplugged it!  Oh well, it was a good break from all things online!

Day 171, Sunday, June 20th
Bathtime with Baby Girl!  She loves her bath - can you tell?!

Went to the Leeper Park Art Festival in South Bend with Luke.  We each picked our favorites.  I really love the nature photography, esp. the Macro!
Luke like the color and texture in this one, plus the silhouettes.

Day 172, Monday, June 21st
Time to freshen up my toenails! 

Day 173, Tuesday, June 22nd
Went to visit my sister and her kiddos for the afternoon.  They (being the city) drained the creek that runs along their home, so here is a rescued crawfish.

Day 174, June 23rd
My Baby Girl thinking she was playing the Wii - she was moving all around and making sound effects too!

Day 175, Thursday, June 24th
M had his cousin stay the night - can't believe I didn't get the camera out?! 

Day 176, Friday, June 25th
"Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow . . ."
It's doing quite well, actually!  We've had plenty of rain and so far, have kept up on the weeding!  We've also harvested some of our lettuces and basil!

Day 177, Saturday, June 26th
We went to my niece's last Upward soccer game.  Baby Girl and cousin trying to stay cool! 


Tori said...

Sometimes it is nice to be "un-plugged"!
The picture of N in the tub is almost too much!! Adorable!
Fun art fair! I haven't been there since I was a little girl.
The garden is looking amazing! I bet you'll be canning a lot soon!
Have a super week!!

Christine said...

Precious, precious pictures of N this week! I love the first one especially!
I probably would have gone for the macro at the art fair too--so lovely.
I love having a picture in my mind of M and S wondering around the garden on Friday. They were so adorable!
Have another wonderful week. We'll probably see you in that big beautiful garden! ;)

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Awww...that Wii pic is precious. My little Atticus does that same kind of thing. Sometimes he'll sit on the couch by Noah and move his arms and go, "Shpew! Shpew!" like he's destroying things, etc. (It's probably not a good sign of things to come...)

Love the bath smile!

In Arkansas your rescued friend would be called a "crawdad." :)

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