Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 164-170

Day 164, Sunday, June 13th
A beautiful day to spend with old and new friends.

Day 165, Monday, June 14th
L has started running with Dad.  He is really starting to show me how much he is growing . . . he braved the East Race last week with a squeel of delight, rowed around a pond all by himself last Sunday and climbed the windmill on Saturday (didn't have the camera for a picture of that!). 

Day 166, Tuesday, June 15th
Grandpa was back at work on the tree fort . . . the supports are in, now we need some railings!

Day 167, Wednesday, June 16th

Day 168, Thursday, June 17th
The railings and ladder are up! 

Day 169, Friday, June 18th
I love a good storm!

Day 170, Saturday, June 19th
My brother in town playing!  It was even funnier to see him in motion!


Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

What a big boy to run alongside his daddy like that. (I know I couldn't do it...)

Tree fort's looking good!!

Your brother looks like quite a character! Is he?

McCrakensx4 said...

What a great week. My youngest has been working out with my hubby during football practice and loving it! They just grow up too fast! The first pic of the 2 in the wagon is adorable!

Elizabeth said...

the tree fort is looking good!

Tori said...

Oh that tree fort! I can only imagine the adventures that will take place there!!
How cool that L is running with Dan. He is becoming quite the young man, isn't he?
What does your brother have on his feet? They look like roller blade stilts. How fun must he be as an uncle?!!
Have a super week!!

rita said...

Baby girl is adorable, as are the others!
You are very blessed, and so are they!

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