Sunday, December 16, 2007

Karate Kick-a-thon

The boys participated in their Karate schools kick-a-thon this Saturday. The goal was to have a great time raising some money for the nonprofit organization. The challenge - do as many kick in a three hour period as you can! There were competitions, brick breaking demonstrations, and pizza!

Here are the boys discussing some gaming secrets before the "kick-off"!

They took turns counting each others kicks. Here is Luke logging Jake's kicks. Jake would then get a break while Luke did his kicks. This was during a five minute kicking period - do as many kicks you can, any kind you like. They had to learn to diversify so their legs didn't get too tired!

Jake ended up with the highest total number of kicks out of all the kickers! 1,150!He was awarded a gift certificate to for karate apparel. Luke's total was 560 kicks! I am so proud of them for doing their best and making their best better! And yes, their legs are sore today!


shelley said...

that would be an awesome workout. what a fun idea!

Christine said...

Good for them! I'm still considering karate for Madelyn and Chloe. I was really impressed by the things you told me and what I heard at the Christian HOME meeting last year.....a kick-a-thon....maybe we'll do that today for exercise instead of practicing our ballet positions. ;)

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