Saturday, February 16, 2008

Making the Cut!

On Wednesday, I officially made the cut! For those of you who don't know, I have been growing out my hair to cut to donate. I decided to us Pantene's program for a couple of reasons. All the hair they provide to those in need is free, and I only needed 8 inches! So my growing time was shorter and/or I wasn't going to have to go as short when I cut it off! I was a little nervous, but ready for a change. Dan was too! He was counting down the days which is a little different since he usually wants my hair longer!?

Here is my new look! It probably won't look like this when I do it(since I don't "do" my hair!). It is not as drastic as I imagined, but I think it is a good transition haircut. Thanks Ann! And didn't Jake do a great job with the picture taking?!


shell said...

YOU ROCK!!! i feel like mine is NEVER going to get long enough, but i am happy to know if i want, i only have to do 8 inches, not TEN! :) looks great!

terri said...

you look beautiful!

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