Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Interesting Article

I have a blog I like to visit frequently for inspiration, ideas, curriculum, perspective. This was an article that was linked on her blog that I found interesting. Let me know your thoughts.


Cecilia said...

The blog link didn't work. But the article did. Interesting. It did remind me of our trip home when I walked into Wendy's with my five, and the only child at a table said "Wow, six kids!" (he obviously miscounted!)
Anyway, knowing that everyone is watching, because of the number of us makes me really conscious of how I behave. I guess it gives us a chance to be more of a conspicuous witness, than if we were more "normal". Of course, I don't think anyone can tell by looking at us that we homeschool, and I don't think my kids are always the example of serenity and obedience as in the article, though they are pretty awesome, they are still children!

Cheryl-Crispy-not-crunchy said...

i think it was brillliant. I'd not thought of that, as if "we" were holding up a mirror to the face of all that's wrong in society. I'll think of that and be more gracious next time someone tells me how crazy I am to homeschool. Thanks.

darci said...

hi rita, i just found you off the 'family' blog. I'm a homeschooling mom of 3, soon to be 5 thru adoption. :) I think this article was right on in some ways. There are definitely out of control hs. families, as well as very intentional ps. families..however, MOST of the homeschooling parents I know are much more intentional and purposeful in our choices..and I would say that although my kids are just kids, and can be naughty and whiny and crazy :) (as can I ) they are generally much better behaved, seem to have a much deeper compassion, gentleness and love for Jesus than I have SO far found in other kids. It is a huge blessing to h.s., and it's also a huge sacrifice, but so so worth it.
God bless! darci in Saskatchewan

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