Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interesting Article

Since we will now officially be a "large" family, the following article was forwarded to me by my lovely sister Cecilia. I found it humorous and interesting.
I might use some of the end comments! Let me know what you think!>

Why can I not figure out how to make this a link??!! Ugh!


Cecilia said...

The comments are even more interesting than the article, though I am not really recommending that you read them ... comments on articles are usually not real nice and uplifting

Rita said...

I was refering to the comments the mother's of large families gave in reply to the comments they rec'd.

Cecilia said...

Yes, I got which comments you were commenting on, I was just commenting about the comments at the end (for expanded commental reading) - nothing to do with the comments you were commenting on to use as comments in response to others comments. Hmm... how many times can you use a form of the word comment in one sentence!(I did make up one of those forms)

Rita said...

Please! No more comments! :)

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