Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Name, New Look

Well . . . here it is! The new name and look for my blog! I've been reading a book called Home Grown Kids and it came to me one night while I was not sleeping. Home Grown - it works on so many levels, in reference to my kids, homeschooling, gardening, being a stay-at-home mom . . .anyway, I think it will work! And it is non gender specific! I got the background and edited the banner (a new and learning experience for me). This was the closest to a gardening design, but it does incorporate some Irish designs/themes which work because we are part Irish.


Christine said...

I love it. It's perfect. Great work! Don't you just love those a-ha moments?

Cecilia said...

Love the new look. And you say your not creative? Very cool.

Alana said...

Love the new look!!

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