Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday's Mason

In reading through the Charlotte Mason home schooling series, I have come across many quotes, ideas that I have marked.  I am going to start posting one a week (on Monday's) for myself and anyone else who might be interested.  These are only tidbits - tiny morsels to chew on.

Volume 4, Part III, Chapter 1

"Love - Love, like a king, has his Lords in Waiting - Pity, Benevolence, Sympathy, Kindness, Generosity, Gratitude, Courage, Loyalty, Humility, Gladness.  Have you ever thrown a stone into the water and watched the circles about it spread?  As a matter of fact, they spread to the very shores of the pond or lake or sea into which you have thrown the stone; more, they affect the land on the further side.  But those distant circles become so faint that they are imperceptible, while those nearest the point where you have thrown in the stone are clearly marked.  So it is with our Love.  It is as if, in the first place, our home were the stone thrown in to move our being; and from that central point the circle of our love widens until it embraces all men."


Cecilia said...

Great encouraging quote. Thank you.

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