Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday's Mason

Vol. 4, Chapter X
Humility one with Simplicity - "Humility is perhaps one with Simplicity, and does not allow us to think of ourselves at all, ill or well.  That is why a child is humble.  The thought of self does not come to him at all; when it does, he falls from his child estate and becomes what we call self-conscious.  In that wonderful first lesson of the Garden of Eden, the Fall consisted in our first parents becoming aware of themselves; and that is how we fall - when we become aware."
"Humility sits within us all, waiting for pride to be silent that he may speak and be heard."


Cecilia said...

Interesting, I always thought of children being naturally selfish. But I also know what she means about when they become self-aware. So I guess selfishness and self awareness are really not related. So you could be humbly selfish, but not humbly self-aware? Anyway, I know I sure am happier when I am not thinking of myself at all... though more humble I really couldn't say.

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