Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Field Trip!

It wasn't until I went to post that I realized exactly how long it has been since I had a post on my blog!  I guess the snowstorm, - temps and a nasty virus in the family just wasn't much to post about! 

Any guess as to where our President's Day field trip was?!

As it was a holiday, J was able to join us.  It was great to have him along!

We all "got" to wear this beautiful accessory - which about ended the trip for M.  I think the only thing saving this experience for him was the knowledge of chocolate to come! (And how does my sister look good - even in a hair net?!)

Our tour began with the history and processing of chocolate . . .

And then on to the good stuff!  Making our own chocolate dipped spoons!

A quick, humorous video about chocolate . . . (that is M in the middle - the only pic with the hair net!)

Today, they were making chocolate covered pretzels!  In they go . . .

and out they come!  Yummy! (Yes, we did get a fresh sample!)

Here we were shown some of the molded chocolates they make - a dinosaur tooth!

Yay!  We can finally take the hair net off!!  A goodie bag and a golden ticket!


Christine said...

Oh, yes! The SB Chocolate Company! We did that tour a couple years ago. What do you think it would be like to work with chocolate all day, every day?!

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