Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th Fun!

This year our 4th celebrations were many and varied!  On Friday, we met up with my sister (to swap some kids) in Columbus, OH.  While there, we participated in their Red, White and Boom! celebration.  We were not impressed with the food selection (everything seemed to be closed), but the fireworks were amazing!

The group in downtown Columbus - we had to get a pic with the headlines playing behind (and yes, it says "Teacher Accused of Breast Milk Spraying Fired"!).

It is always great to get these cousins & friends together . . . I pray that their friendships will last them a lifetime!

Once home, we headed to see some Silverhawks baseball and post-game fireworks with some good friends.  (Honestly, the fireworks were less that spectacular, which means they matched the game too!)

Gotta have some cotton candy at a ball-game!

Thanks for sharing the evening with us!

And one more . . . a video of the finale in Columbus . . . hope you had a great 4th!


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