Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crazy Indiana Weather

With in one weeks time we have had extreme weather changes. On New Years Eve, it started snowing and this is what the backyard looked like the next day. Cold, but so much fun!

On Sunday, one could say that the kids had "cabin fever". It had continued to be cold and damp, but was warming up and producing a heavy fog that didn't clear until 2:00 in the afternoon. This was what was left of the snow. Notice that the sun isn't anywhere to be seen! Not uncommon around here this time of year.

On Monday it started raining with temperatures in the 60's. We had tornado watches out on Monday night. With all the melting snow, warm weather and 3 inches of additional rain Tuesday, we have a new pond across the street!

The tree line shown is where the mighty Baugo Creek flows when not overflowing! It is still raining but tomorrow it will be back in the 30's with a chance of snowfall at night. Maybe next week we can put our swimsuits on!


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