Monday, March 3, 2008

I've never thought of myself as a creative person - I don't scrapbook because it is too overwhelming, I don't decorate my house because I am too cheap to spend money on furnishings/paint/decor I am not sure if will look good, I am not musically talented (probably because as a child I didn't want to practice), I have no artistic ability.

All this to say that I think I have realized that my creative outlet is in gardening and baking(not cooking!). My only requirements for either of these is: I have no time frame to complete the task in and I am left alone!

Since it is still too early to start my veggie garden (but trust me, plans are already floating around in my head), and with sickness and yucky weather we had no agenda today, I decided to make some pie crusts. I enjoy this and I think my pie crusts turn out quite well. The key to flakiness(in the crusts!)is refrigeration before rolling out the crust. One of these will be for our dinner tonight - Spinach Pie, email me if you want the family recipe. The other, probably Peanut Butter Pie later in the week.


terri said...

i could care less about the recipe...just send the pie!!!

shell said...

ohhh..i second Terri's idea.

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