Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Morning Surprise

Jake has always been my early riser. Now that he is 10, he'll get up, shower, sometimes eat breakfast.

This a.m. I was still in bed, where Micah and I were spending some time talking, waking up (and yes, playing Transformers)! I went to get out of bed, and Jake comes in and tells me to stay in bed! Well, OK, I guess I can.

After a little while he comes in and asks what I want for breakfast (I opted for toast) and then how many vitamins I take in the morn. He brings in the Spider man tray with cin. toast, juice and my vitamin and hot cocoa for Micah! Then he proceeds to bring me my morning coffee! He can make great coffee! Maybe that should be his "chore" every morning?!

This however, was not my only surprise! When I finished breakfast and finally got out of bed, he was already doing his schoolwork! He had finished his math and reading!

Needless to say, the rest of the morning has gone quite well!


Christine said...

I'm completely jealous! Madelyn is 9...I think I'll have her read this post and see if it inspires her. ;)

Aaron and Emily said...

WAHOO! What an amazing gift! Jake has such a sweet heart and we have really enjoyed him. Well, okay, we enjoy your whole family!:)
Maybe he can teach Noah? How well do you think Noah would be at carrying the coffee for Jake?!?!:) (Maybe he should just play cheerleader for now)

terri said...

i love jacob!

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