Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Did you know that 90% of women attacked know their attackers?
Only about 10% of attacks come from someone they do not know or have ever met!

This last Saturday, I participated in a Rape prevention and Environmental Awareness Seminar put on by Life for Christ Karate and their Women of Dignity and Hope program.

I was able to learn about becoming aware of my surroundings, getting in touch with my "Mama Bear" side, and learn and practice some techniques to use if I am ever assaulted. I would explain some, but as they put it, that would be giving away my "bag of tricks".

I learned that above all, one nver wants to get in a situation where they need to use these techniques, to run away if possible, then use techniques until one can get away and the threat no longer exists. I also got a really neat tool called a kubotan

A great read for moms pertaining to this would be Protecting the Gift by Gavin DeBecker. I had read this book a few years back, and taking this class brought to mind many things I had read about and had learned from this book.


Aaron and Emily said...

Remind me to bring you along the next time I have to go anywhere after dark!!

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