Thursday, April 3, 2008


I recently viewed a friend's blog with this link to a typing program.
I had just started looking into different typing programs that
would be helpful for younger children, and wasn't sure what was a
reasonable amount to spend. But why spend anything when you don't have too! The boys have both tried and think it is great!

Just a few minor warnings:
Use of this program will cause annoyance with British accents;
Continual use may lead to carpal-tunnel syndrome (or in Jake's case, whinitis: "My wrist hurts"!). Seriously, two days in a row must be too much for him! Which leads to the next warning . . .
Some parental supervision required for proper finger and hand placement on keyboard!


Christine said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed the program - well, at least mostly enjoyed.
We had to keep on eye on Chloe. She was caught typing with her index finger more than once! Fortunately, Madelyn took it very seriously. The only thing she complained about was the "type me" voice every time she made a mistake. When Chloe was typing, it became unbearable. ;)

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