Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lunch party

The older boys went to Camp Eberhart for a day camp a couple of Fridays ago . . I know I'm a little behind! Micah and I decided to have a little lunch party for his Aunt Terri and cousins Sophia and Cooper. He had picked flowers from the garden and wanted to decorate with balloons. Luckily we had a bicycle pump, because I cannot blow up balloons and Jake (the only one who can) was gone! Micah had received a "new" hat the day before, so everyone else needed to wear one too! Aunt Terri tried a favorite at our house: peanut butter and dill pickles. Her reaction "Not terrible, but confusing".

And of course, some pictures holding Norah. Sophia always asks as soon as she is over if she can hold her and this somewhat bothers Micah. I think he might be more jealous that she isn't playing with him, than that she is holding Norah. So on this day, he asked before Sophia could! They both got to hold Norah and were happy to go play afterwards! Look how big she looks!


Alana said...

Looks like you had a great party!

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