Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Legoland Discovery Center

We've been planning this trip since Jake's birthday in October and we today did it! Dan had the day off and we were off to Karate then on our way to the Legoland Discovery Center.

We finally made it after a slight detour due to an incorrect map (I do not recommend Google Maps). You can't miss this store!
We were greeted with a salute and a toot! I guess that is why his eyes are crossed!

My favorite part: the Lego mini-city, Chicago version. I still had to turn my camera to get all of the Sears Tower in!

On to the Lego jungle! Tigers and . . .
monkeys . . .
and hippos, oh my!

Norah wasn't quite sure what to make of all this! She looks a little bewildered - or is she just pooping?

And if you're in a jungle, you'll need . . . Indiana Jones!

Do you see any resemblance??


Here is our Lego factory tour. I must say I was a little disappointed with it. Yes, it did show the process, but it wasn't actually making Legos - and the boys knew it.
First, they start with different colors of plastic granules.
The granules are then melted . . .
And put into a mold . . .
and Lego bricks! We each got to take home a Lego Discovery Center brick.
Next up: The Hall of Heroes! Who doesn't love R2?!

I think Luke is trying to look like Vader!

Through-out the center, they had some famous works of art - Lego style! The boys studied Van Gogh's art last year and remembered this one!
Dan and I joined in on the fun too!

We even got to take a Lego building class - what a job!

Assembling the Sears Tower . . .

The last stop (besides the store), Legos building tables. This made Dan feel a little better.

Afterward, we drove into downtown Chicago for have dinner with Uncle Wendell and Shannon. We ate at an Italian place called Club Lago - it only seemed appropriate! I brought the camera in and forgot to use it! But it was wonderful and Luke and Micah tried some calamari for the first time and loved it!


Alana said...

It looks like you guys had fun!
Very cool pics!
I remember I tried calamari for the first time in Chicago as well!

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