Friday, November 6, 2009

Trying new things

We decided to try something new with our fruits and veggies. We order and purchase them from a local organic wholesaler. They have a program that offers fruits and veggies or a combo once a week. The boxes vary every week. They email the selections, you reply by the deadline, pay and pick up the next week. They also send home any specific recipes, handling instructions for the not-so-normal produce. I don't usually buy organic, so I'm not sure how cost effective it is, but it is nice to have it on hand. I think we are more likely to eat it if it is already in our house. Here is our first box. So far everything has been delicious! Now I wouldn't normally buy a bag of pears, kale, ginger root or a pomegranate, but . . . Jake and I are really enjoying the pears, we cooked the kale the first night and loved it, we had the pomegranate tonight and I've yet to research a recipe that I need fresh ginger for. Hopefully it keeps for a little while. Overall, I am very happy with the program for many reasons: eating organic is healthier, trying new things is good for all of us and is bonding us as a family, and we are all learning alot about the food we eat.


Alana said...

Yum the pomegranate looks great!
That is great you are trying some organic foods!

Aaron and Emily said...

I agree with Alana...the pomegranate looks good...and a great way to introduce new fruits and veggies to the kids.
I normaly use ginger in a lot of asian food-stir fry, broccoli chicken. The good news is that you can freeze it. Peel the skin off and either freeze it whole (and grate it right before you use it) or grate it and then freeze it. You can freeze it for up to 3 months.
Good luck fiding yummy recipes!

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