Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas morning

Here are a few pics of our Christmas morning. We opted not to wrap all their presents this year (this was something my parents used to do), but just arrange each child's gifts in one spot with their stocking as the marker to show who's gifts they are. We did have one "family" present wrapped under the tree. This is a great way to reduce the amount of trash in the morning and the kids get to enjoy seeing each others gifts.
It is such a delight to see how excited kids are on Christmas morning. The night before, Jake asked how early they could get up and we told them not before 7. So right at 7, as I walked out our bedroom door into the dark hallway, Luke says "Is it 7 yet?" and I about jumped out of my skin! And he is our late sleeper! Notice that there are no pics of Norah because she was sleeping in!


Shannon said...

Oh! I miss the days when I only had to buy a few big legos and they were happier than anything! Savor it!

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