Friday, January 1, 2010

More Christmas

So, I've decided that I'm just gonna throw all the rest of the Christmas pictures in here . . . Enjoy!

Norah and Daddy (I'm gonna have to start letting him take some pictures or she'll never think I held her!)

Samuel Parker - totally relaxed . . .
Nana and Norah . . .

Dan and nephew - his holiday was spent holding babies!
Sophia getting ready to "doll-up" Uncle Wendell
Norah in her Christmas outfit - don't you just love the bow?!
One of my favorite parts of Christmas (no, not the great poses by my kids) decorating the Jesus tree.
Who says they are "hand" puppets?!
How many boys get this happy about new clothes?!
Nana and Samuel . . .
Taking a break from opening presents to pose for mom.
Grandma and Norah . . .
. . .all the boys, well Micah is there, just hiding behind the chair!
I had Dan's sister take this, we have very few pictures of us together . . . not the best, but it'll do!
Micah in his new shirt made especially for him by Grandma and Grandpa.


TulipGirl said...

Great pics! Aren't boys fun?

shell said...

i love all these sweet pictures! what a stellar family. :) Glad for blogs to keep up!

rita said...

So we share the same name!
And my youngest is Samuel.
You know what they say about great minds!
Welcome, Rita!

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