Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23

Is it a bad sign if my son goes to the salon more than I do?
Notice, the "really mom" look!

I went to upload the pictures tonight and found these - apparently, while I chatted with my sister on the phone, J had some fun watching N!  Her nose is starting to turn orange from all the butternut squash she is eating!


sara said...

I get that look a lot! ha!

oh, those cheeks on that just want to kiss them!!!

Amy said...

Great pictures this week...such a cute cute baby...and I also was sure my daughter would turn orange from all the carrots she ate as a baby. She still loves them 9 years later!!

Thanks for sharing


Rebecca Jo said...

That's definitely a "really mom" look! :)

Kim said...

Ahhhh, so cute! I enjoyed all your photos this week. Didn't know about the botanical gardens in South Bend and will have to check them out when we're on furlough. Our son lives in Elkhart. The botanical gardens in D.C. is our favorite place :-) Could spend hours wandering around in there; in fact, we have. lol
That is so cool about the new coffee maker!
Enjoy the good reading time :-)

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